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JDSU, Anritsu, Spirent, Fluke Networks, EXFO & Others Join Livingston for Telecom Test Conference

by david.nunes

JDSU, Anritsu, Spirent, Fluke Networks, EXFO & Others Join Livingston for Telecom Test Conference

07th May 2014Test equipment sourcing specialist Livingston is to host a high profile conference in the city of Darmstadt, at the company’s German headquarters. The purpose of this conference is to address the key issues which are now effecting telecom and data communication test engineers. Many of the major test equipment manufacturers serving the global communication market will be participating, including Spirent, JDSU, EXFO, PPM, Anritsu, Fluke Networks, Narda, etc.

The event will consist of a mini-exhibition (where the latest innovations in instrumentation will be on display), accompanied by a series of informative presentations. These presentations will be given by respected industry experts from the equipment manufacturers involved as well as from network operators and their sub contract partners. They will cover a wide range of topics, such as the latest developments in DWDM and in-band OSNR measurement, high speed transmission measurement, cable testing, mobile and antenna installation, RF safety and optics. A detailed program can be accessed at: http://www.livingstonrental.de/event/darmstadter-messtechnik-tag-04-06-2014/darmstadt-04-06-2014/

“Currently there is not a suitable event here in Germany where telecom professionals can engage in meaningful discussions regarding the test challenges they currently face and the difficulties they are experiencing,” states Oliver Lanz, Director of Livingston’s German operations. “By working with some of the leaders in communication test we will be able to provide a platform for advice to be given, ideas to be shared and support to be received.”

To register for this event please visit: http://www.livingstonrental.de/event/darmstadter-messtechnik-tag-04-06-2014/darmstadt-04-06-2014/

About Livingston:

Livingston provides and manages test equipment for companies in more than 100 countries worldwide, giving them access to leading edge products regardless of their budget constraints. Founded over forty years ago, the company has built up a highly experienced team of engineering and supply chain professionals. Its services include rental, calibration management, and inventory management. Partnering with Livingston allows companies to optimise their capital expenditure, bringing greater return on investment, as well as generating cash for unused or underused assets through its equipment disposal and redeployment activities.

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