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JQW wins 2013 Preferred Service Provider for China SMEs award

by david.nunes

JQW wins 2013 Preferred Service Provider for China SMEs award

JQW plc (AIM:JQW), a domestic Chinese B2B e-commerce business, is pleased to announce that the Group has won the award for 2013 Preferred Service Provider for China small and medium-sized enterprises. This award is strong recognition of JQW’s continued contribution to SME growth in China.

The award is organised by the China Centre for Promotion of SME Development, a state-owned entity under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the China International Cooperation Association of SMEs. Integrity, service quality, and innovativeness are the three criteria for assessment. Only a select group of service providers in China were nominated with other award winners including companies such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Dell, Tencent, Acer, China Telecom and China Unicom. The award is intended to recognise those in the information technology industry that have contributed to the modernisation of SMEs in China.

Commenting on the award, Mr Yongde Cai, said: “The Board is delighted with this award and is particularly proud of the achievement considering the quality of other nominated companies within the category. JQW will continue to focus on technological innovation in e-commerce in order to support the development of China’s SMEs, and we are pleased to have received this recognition from the industry.”

About JQW plc

JQW is a leading domestic business-to-business e-commerce provider based in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. The Group’s core business is its online B2B platform, www.jqw.com, which has been developed to encourage domestic trade by connecting Chinese SMEs with potential trade partners. Founded in 2004, the platform was developed to help to market Chinese SME’s websites. JQW has evolved rapidly to become the second highest ranked B2B e-commerce website[1] and operates, what the director’s believe to be, the first dedicated B2B search engine, www.jqw.cn.

JQW offers a low-cost entry point for Chinese SMEs to promote themselves and their B2B products to potential buyers. In order to increase transaction opportunities, JQW offers its clients a broad range of services including website design, commercial search services and advertising.



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