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Keek Growing Rapidly; Rolls Out Verified Accounts

by david.nunes

Keek Growing Rapidly; Rolls Out Verified Accounts


TORONTO, March 14, 2013 – Keek, the leading mobile social video network, announced today the launch of its new account verification program to meet increased demand from many high-profile celebrities and influencers. Keek will begin marking select accounts with a verified symbol to help individuals and businesses at high risk of impersonation authenticate their identity.

The Keek community is growing rapidly with millions of people signing up each month. The verified icon will help establish trust and make it easier for users to find people and content on Keek.

“Keek is a fun new way to interact with my fans and I really can’t believe how fast it’s grown,” says Kim Kardashian. “Account verification is extremely important. I want to make sure my fans know it’s really me they are following. After accumulating nearly 1 million followers in only a few months, my Keek profile is quickly becoming as important and powerful as my accounts on Twitter and Facebook.”

Keek continues to experience explosive growth around the world, adding more than 200,000 new users per day and is consistently ranked as one of the top social networking apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

“Once a social network reaches a certain level of popularity, account impersonation can affect usability,” states Isaac Raichyk, Founder and CEO of Keek. “We’ve identified account verification as a great opportunity to enhance the Keek user experience.”

Individuals or businesses qualify for account verification if they are at high risk of impersonation, including but not limited to popular personalities from television, music and the entertainment industry. Users with large audiences on Keek or other social networks may also be eligible.

To learn more about Keek’s new account verification program please visit www.keek.com/verifyme.

About Keek
Keek is a privately held social networking platform that allows users to create 36-second videos (“keeks”) using webcam, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry 10 devices and share them with others around the world. Users follow, subscribe and respond to videos with either text comments or video replies (“keekbacks”). Keek is simple to use, extremely fast and 100% free. The app is available in BlackBerry World, the App Store and Google Play. http://www.keek.com/.

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