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Kent County Council Launch New IT Solution aimed at Education Sector

by david.nunes

31 May 2011

Ubiquitous Desktop Solutions from Technical Services, Kent County Council’s commercial trading arm is launched today at the cash strapped education sector. Schools and education authorities hoping to renew IT have been faced with reduced budgets. Ubiquitous expertise and understanding within the public sector has enabled Technical Services to develop a hardware and software solutions package aimed specifically at this sector.

Chris Geary, Head of Business Solutions for Technical Services said, “Being part of Kent County Council provides us with a strong knowledge base of the education sector. We understand many of the challenges faced by the sector.”

Mr Geary continued, “This knowledge allows us to provide a completely hosted or partially hosted service designed around the specific needs of education establishments. In some cases we have been able to double the amount of desk based workstations without increasing the actual IT spend.”

Technical Services offers benefits to the education sector at a number of levels and is working within the sector to upgrade complete systems and take the onerous and time-consuming aspects of IT care to a new level of managed service. Technical Services is able to provide new hardware and software solutions including cloud based and dedicated on-site servers.

The advantage of a cloud based system for servers is increased data security, off-site back-up, and regaining the physical space traditionally used by servers. One of the primary benefits for the education sector will be enabling schools to increase the number of computer monitors and laptop computers available to pupils while maintaining budgets.

Ubiquitous also has the ability to help this sector reach its environmental goals through reduced carbon footprint. The necessity for constant power to the servers and dedicated air-conditioning systems is removed as the servers go off-site.

Other key benefits for education include longer lifecycle of hardware, increased energy efficiency, reduced software licence costs, secure automated off-site back up of information and the flexibility of allowing students to work remotely from other locations.

Ubiquitous Desktop Solutions can bring significant savings and IT solutions to the education sector and those who use it.

Ubiquitous new website aimed at the education sector is now live: http://education.ubiquitousdesktop.com/



About Ubiquitous Desktop Solutions

*Technical Services is part of Commercial Services, the trading arm of Kent County Council. Ubiquitous can help schools, colleges, and universities meet their budgetary and environmental targets while providing continuous IT support and updated software. We can provide the complete hardware and software solutions for the education sector in a fully OJEU approved and compliant contract arrangement.

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