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KEOLABS brings full coverage of NFC certification needs: devices, readers and tags

by Desmond Dallen
KEOLABS brings full coverage of NFC certification needs: devices, readers and tags
With its approval for all functions of the NFC Forum specification, including devices, readers and tags, KEOLABS now provides the most suitable test solution for developers, vendors and test labs alike. 

20 December, 2017, Salon de Provence, FRANCE – The NFC Forum Certification Program now covers tags and readers in addition to the formerly existing ‘universal’ certification, which targeted only mobile devices.  Thanks to this expanded coverage of the NFC Forum, developers are able to test and verify the performance and interoperability of all the key components in the NFC eco-system. For vendors, this means that besides the existing functionality tests, they need to include performance tests for tags.


KEOLABS solution approved by the NFC Forum includes:

•              New ProxiLAB Quest emulator,

•              An oscilloscope and an amplifier,

•              SCRIPTISTM test environment.

A robot (3 axis or 6 axis) is added in order to bring convenience and efficiency in the tag validation, as the specification requires a load modulation measurement in terms of speed, field strength and operation distance.

KEOLABS new ProxiLAB Quest, which is the key component of the solution, has just been certified by NFC Forum as 100% compliant with its Certification Release 11 (CR11) requirements for:

•              Analog testing for U (Universal), R (Reader) and T (Tag),

•              Performance testing for T (Tag),

•              Digital Protocol testing for U (Universal), R (Reader) and T (Tag),

•              LLCP (Logical Link Protocol) and SNEP (Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol) testing for U (Universal) and R (Reader).


KEOLABS test tools are able to support all the tags, Type 1 to Type 5, defined by the NFC Forum covering a high variety of applications including RFID tags, packaging, transport, IoT, etc. In addition, KEOLABS validation tools are qualified for NFC Forum Authorized Testing Labs (ATL) which means that developers and vendors that use these tools while evaluating internally their products will have the best certainty that they will easily pass the NFC Forum certification.

Michael Leplatois, KEOLABS President declares: “The NFC Forum recognizes the quality and flexibility of our solutions and we are proud to be now approved for all sections of the NFC Forum certification process.”

KEOLABS has been working with the NFC Forum for years and is already preparing the next version of the NFC Forum Certification Release.


KEOLABS provides comprehensive tools and services for testing smart card technology.

World-leading companies rely on KEOLABS’ complete range of testing tools to validate the conformity of their product based on smart card related contact and contactless technologies. To maintain its position at the cutting edge of testing technology, KEOLABS participates in all major international standards for payment, mobile, identity and transportation sectors (ISO, EMVCo, NFC Forum, ICAO, CEN, etc.).

The company also provides testing services through its ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.

More information at www.keolabs.com


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