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KEYMILE increases the functions of its MileGate Next-Generation access platform

by david.nunes

KEYMILE increases the functions of its MileGate Next-Generation access platform

Hanover, Germany, September 25, 2008 – KEYMILE’s MileGate Next-Generation access platform now features integrated CESoP functionality to transmit TDM services via packet networks, which makes network migration to All-IP significantly easier. SHDSL-EFM functions have also been extended to implement symmetrical Ethernet fixed line network connections for business customer services. KEYMILE, a leading manufacturer and supplier of Next-Generation access systems, has given the functionality of its MileGate multi-service access platform another major boost. The first innovation concerns the transmission of TDM voice and data services via packet networks (CESoP = Circuit Emulation Services over Packet.) To network operators this function means that they can now for the first time carry out a complete migration of the access network to an All-IP network, not just for voice, but also for data services. Even if data transmission in the core network is carried out via Ethernet/IP, operators can in the future provide existing TDM services to end customers in the usual quality and at the same level of reliability. CESoP packages the continuous TDM data stream in packets, adds a suitable header containing timing information, and transmits the packets over the network. On the receiving end, the packets are converted back to the original TDM data stream and can as a result be processed with traditional TDM technology such as voice exchanges. The correct, precise and stable timing recovery of the TDM signal during regeneration is vital to maintaining the same service quality as a native TDM transmission. This capability is the special strength of the MileGate solution. CESoP functions are for example suitable for the following applications: PABX coupling, 2Mbps TDM leased lines, V.35 or X.21 leased lines and connecting GSM/UMTS base stations via packet networks. The second new development in the MileGate platform is an SHDSL EFM line card. With the EFM card (Ethernet in the First Mile,) network operators can now use Ethernet from the exchange to the end customer. The EFM card uses Ethernet on the subscriber line and therefore standardises the transmission between subscriber and core network. This saves operating costs and makes launching new services more economical. SHDSL-EFM transmission means that services like symmetrical Ethernet fixed line network connections, broadband Internet and video conferencing can be provided. Business networks can also be linked with each other at high speeds as layer 2 VPM. Because of the greater transmission range and the ability to bundle several transmission wires (pair bonding), SHDSL-EFM is particularly interesting when providing business customer services. The MileGate access platform has also benefited from numerous further enhancements, for instance in expanded multicasting for IPTV and improved QoS functionality for triple-play applications. Ethernet LAN services for business users now encompass transparent LAN services for multipoint-to-multipoint connections, as well as private-line services for point-to-point connections. With the functional enhancements of the Next-Generation access platform MileGate, KEYMILE is supporting network operators in building future-proof infrastructure.

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