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KEYMILE presents new voice frequency telegraphy modem

by david.nunes

KEYMILE presents new voice frequency telegraphy modem

Hanover, 14 January 2015 – KEYMILE’s HY101-WT2400 is a voice frequency telegraphy modem in a compact standard housing. Some of the typical areas this tried-and-tested technology is used include traditional telecontrol applications, such as the transmission of serial data over long distances along railway lines, or narrow band applications in energy suppliers’ networks.

Even today, voice frequency telegraphy, which this new modem from KEYMILE supports, is still ideal for certain areas. These include transmitting serial data along railway lines, or using it for energy suppliers’ narrow band applications. In these environments, the products need to last for decades and have reliable and consistent support from the manufacturers.

While other suppliers have long since abandoned this market, KEYMILE is offering state-of-the-art voice frequency telegraphy modems and is still meeting the continued demand for these types of products.

The HY101-WT2400 is an attractively priced and compact modem for voice frequency telegraphy which network operators can mount on a top hat rail.

This is a multi-purpose FSK modem to ITU standards (International Telecommunication Union) which can therefore also be connected to other data-transmission devices. The system is designed to transmit data via 2-wire or 4-wire copper lines at symbol rates of 50 to 2,500 baud. Distances of up to 30 kilometres can be bridged on unloaded telecommunications cables 0.8 mm in diameter. A V.24/V.28 interface (RS-232) provides the connection to the data terminal equipment.

Digital processing of analogue signals enables exact reproduction of transmission behaviour, is less sensitive to ambient influence and offers long-term frequency stability. A comparison of analogue switches is no longer necessary. Customers will be able to use the VFT modems for years to come without encountering the customary problems of specialised components being discontinued.

There’s still strong demand for voice frequency telegraphy. While other manufacturers are increasingly withdrawing from this market segment and discontinuing products, KEYMILE can still offer innovative solutions thanks to the flexible, software-based technology. The new HY101-WT2400 underlines this long-term approach to the market.

The new HY101-WT2400 modem is available from April.


KEYMILE is a leading supplier of telecommunications solutions with key facilities in Germany and Switzerland. The flexible and robust multi-service access and transmission systems allow network operators to provide a wide range of voice and data services on copper wire and optical fibre.

Simultaneous availability of IP/Ethernet and TDM technology guarantees perfect evolution to packet-based data transmission. KEYMILE systems are used for reliable data transmission in mission-critical areas of telecommunications networks used by railway companies, energy suppliers and public organisations. Public network operators employ the products to provide top bandwidth to subscribers. The KEYMILE systems stand apart for their high level of availability and durability, ease of operation, good eco-footprint and top levels of system integration due to production facilities based in Germany. The company has subsidiaries and partners worldwide and has installed systems in more than 100 countries. For further information see www.keymile.com.

KEYMILE on XING: http://www.xing.com/companies/keymilegmbh

KEYMILE on LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/company/keymile

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