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KEYMILE supplies broadband technology made in Germany to Odenwald

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KEYMILE supplies broadband technology made in Germany to Odenwald

Hanover, June, 21, 2011 – KEYMILE has won the contract to supply the access network to 15 regions as part of Odenwald’s broadband expansion project. The multi-service access platform MileGate will be installed by Brenergo, a subsidiary of Odenwald-Regional-Gesellschaft. Households will receive up to 50 Mbps fast connections via the latest VDSL2 technology.

From October this year, homes in Odenwald will be connected to KEYMILE’s MileGate platform and therefore to the new broadband network. KEYMILE is one of the leading manufacturers of Next-Generation data transmission systems. In many areas where fast Internet had been previously unavailable, broadband speed will rise from about 0.1 Mbps to up to 50 Mbps. The high level of bandwidth is the basis for many new services, such as television via the Internet and video-on-demand, fast downloads and much more. The bandwidth is possible thanks to VDSL2 technology which makes best possible use of the existing copper wires. The basis of the new broadband network is KEYMILE’s multi-service access platform MileGate, developed and produced in Hanover.

Due to MileGate’s modular design, just one single access platform can supply a wide range of interfaces to residential and corporate customers. In addition to telephony and VDSL2 interfaces planned for residential customers, fixed line connections via SHDSL and SDH can also be offered. This flexibility allows network operators to adapt their networks in the best possible way to all market demands.

Expansion is carried out in an FTTC architecture with the optical fibres to the street cabinets. From that point on the households are connected with VDSL2 over the existing copper wires. In the long term, the broadband Odenwald project plans to connect the households directly using optical fibres (FTTH/FTTB). Optical fibre connections at up to 1,000 Mbps can be provided by simply retrofitting MileGate with optical Ethernet cards. This option protects and safeguards investments. In many areas of the Odenwald district the empty conduits for future fibre optic cables have already been laid for exactly this purpose.

The expansion of the fast data line to 15 areas in the Odenwald district is being carried out by Brenergo in Erbach, a subsidiary of Odenwald-Regional-Gesellschaft (OREG). Klenk & Sohn GmbH, a turnkey supplier of telecommunications infrastructure and energy cables in Modautal, is responsible for the network planning, construction and all the documentation. HEAG MediaNet, a HEAG Südhessische Energie AG company in Darmstadt, will operate the network.

“We’re delighted that the MileGate platform will allow us to deliver high-speed Internet to Odenwald”, comments Udo Klenk, CEO of Klenk & Sohn. Jürgen Walther, CEO of Brenergo, goes on to say that: “The entire Odenwald region will benefit from the network expansion. In addition to enhancing the personal online experience, the fast broadband network will boost the attractiveness of the region for businesses and increase the value of local people’s properties. Broadband access in rural areas is one of the most important factors in tomorrow’s world. With the widespread expansion of broadband connections, the Odenwald district is adopting a leading role in rural regions. Transmission speeds of up to 50 Mbps will no longer be solely restricted to urban areas”. Frank Krause, Chief Sales Officer at KEYMILE agrees, saying: “I’m very pleased that KEYMILE technology from Hanover is being used to connect an area virtually devoid of DSL. We hope KEYMILE will enjoy a long-standing partnership with all those involved”.

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