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KEYMILE supplies FTTH access systems to BH Telecom

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KEYMILE supplies FTTH access systems to BH Telecom

Hanover, April 28, 2011 – BH Telecom uses KEYMILE’s optical access platform MileGate for providing optical fibre connection to households and business customers. The subscribers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are benefitting from this solution with bandwidths of up to 1 Gbps.

BH Telecom is the largest network operator in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It uses MileGate, the multi-service access platform from KEYMILE, one of the leading manufacturers of Next-Generation data transmission systems, to supply households and companies with fast Internet access via optical fibre. BH Telecom deploys Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) based on an Ethernet point-to-point architecture.

BH Telecom has been one of KEYMILE’s customers for more than ten years and already uses MileGate systems to offer various voice and data services like POTS and ISDN, ADSL, SHDSL TDM and EFM. For expanding the optical fibre network, some of these systems have been upgraded with KEYMILE’s optical Ethernet cards, making them FTTH-capable. Also new MileGate systems have been installed. The unusually high port density of 480 FTTH connections per

8 HU subrack is a huge advantage to BH Telecom, which unlike other telecommunications providers in the Balkans it is not controlled by a large, foreign provider. As a result, the company can choose the best technology and value, independently of any supplier contracts signed by a parent company. Households or companies can be supplied with Internet access at a speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second. KEYMILE is also delivering the required CPEs from a third-party supplier to BH Telecom, providing a turnkey-solution. KEYMILE has carried out BH Telecom’s FTTH project together with local partner UNIS Telekom.

“We are proud to deliver our optical access platform MileGate to innovative and future-oriented telecom operators such as BH Telecom. Also, collaboration with the long-standing local partner UNIS was excellent”, says Frank Krause, CSO of KEYMILE.

Dalibor Milos, CEO of UNIS comments: “The MileGate platform is the ideal starting point for the network expansion of BH Telecom. Using the same infrastructure, BH Telecom can offer traditional DSL lines and point-to-point optical fibre access simultaneously. Also, KEYMILE’s components are operating in a highly stable manner”.

About BH Telecom

BH Telecom is the strongest and most reliable solution for total communication needs of the users on the BH market. In this preparatory period for European integration once more we affirm ourselves in the role of the key generator and carrier of the common social development. BH Telecom provides for the BH economy and all segments of the civil society the advantages of the state of art telecommunication and information services adjusted to the preferences of our market. For more information, go to


About UNIS

UNIS Telekom d.d. Mostar is the leading integrator and supplier of telecommunication equipment in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the surrounding region. It was established in 1977 under the Agreement on “Long-Term Production and Technical Cooperation” with the Swedish company Ericsson for the telecommunications equipment program. Today UNIS Telekom employ 50 professionals. Major customers are Telecoms, Utility and Government companies. Through joint project implementation with its partners, UNIS Telekom brings the entire customer community closer to modern solutions in the world and thus transforms the telecommunications market in Bosnia and Herzegovina into a modern and developed marketplace. Personnel certification and continuous education make UNIS Telekom a leading company in the entire region. For more information, go to












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