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Keysight Announces PXIe® Vector Network Analyzer Options for Active Multiport Module, BTS Component Test

by david.nunes

Keysight Technologies Announces PXIe® Vector Network Analyzer Options for Active Multiport Module, BTS Component Test

Hardware, Software Options Grant Engineers Greater Choice of Capabilities, Test-Set Configuration During Multiport Device Production


·         Enables testing of multiport devices with active modules, BTS component evaluation and pulsed test

·         Extends the VNA’s modular concept with added capability choices to meet different application needs

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Feb. 9, 2016 – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today introduced a series of hardware and software options for the M9485A high-performance PXIe® multiport vector network analyzer (VNA). The options further enhance the modular nature of the M9485A VNA by adding a range of new capabilities in support of applications such as base transceiver station (BTS) component test and active multiport module test.

During production test, engineers face a number of challenges. For those testing handset front-end modules with active components and tuning BTS high-rejection filters/duplexers, the challenge involves utilizing instrumentation with the right mix of measurement performance and configuration flexibility. Also critical is the ability to measure active components. The M9485A’s fast measurement speed and high-power handling capability, coupled with its new hardware and software options, make it well suited to address these challenges head on.

Configurable Test Set and Direct Receiver Access (DRA) Hardware Options

The Configurable Test Set option allows users to create their own combination of VNA receivers and adjust receiver performance as needed, to fit the needs of their specific application. 2-/4-/6-/8-/10-/12-port option is available.

The Direct Receiver Access (DRA) option allows engineers to configure mixed receiver systems by either using the DRA module in the M9485A system as one receiver, or with a coupler module to make a configurable test set port. 2-/4-/6-/8-/10-/12-port option is available.

These hardware options provide superior yield for the test of wireless components and modules with high-power handling or high-rejection performance via a tailored multiport network analysis system. As an added benefit, the easy upgrade process associated with the M9485A, whereby different type of receivers are combined modularly in one system, helps engineers better prepare for future device-under-test trends and updates.

RF Pulse Measurement and Gain Compression Analysis Software Options

The M9485A also features two new software options: a basic RF Pulse Measurements option and a Gain Compression Analysis option, each designed to help engineers evaluate active components. The Pulse Measurement option performs point-in-pulse and pulse profile measurements down to a pulse width on the order of one microsecond, while the Gain Compression Analysis option quickly and easily performs measurements to search for the gain compression point over frequency. For added convenience, both options share the same easy-to-use user interface and trusted measurement science as PNA network analyzers.

“Our customers work on many different applications and have different measurement needs,” said Akira Nukiyama, vice president and general manager, Keysight’s Component Test Division, Kobe. “That’s why our M9485A PXIe VNA uses the PXI module concept; because it gives our customers meaningful choices in terms of price, performance and capability. Our new M9485A options take this modular concept one step further by granting them even greater flexibility in selecting the capabilities they need for their specific applications.”

Keysight’s M9485A PXIe multiport VNA supports a frequency offset mode, time domain analysis, basic RF pulse, gain compression and N-port calibrated measurements based on the same measurement science and calibration science as trusted PNA/ENA network analyzers. The VNA provides best-in-class performance with a fast speed (5 msec at 201 points with 2-port calibration) and wide dynamic range (up to 160 dB dynamic range, typical). It also delivers low trace noise (0.001-dBrms at 10 kHz IFBW) and high stability (0.005 dB/°C) as well as high output power (+17 dBm) and high receiving power (+40 dBm). When coupled with the M9485A’s multiport and multi-site measurement capabilities, this level of performance helps decrease the cost of test.

More information on the M9485A PXIe VNA is available at www.keysight.com/find/m9485a. An image of the new M9485A options are available at www.keysight.com/find/M9485Aopt_images.

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