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Keysight Demonstrates Latest Design, Test, Characterization Solutions at European Microwave Week

by david.nunes

Keysight Technologies Demonstrates Latest Design, Test, Characterization Solutions at European Microwave Week

Keysight Technical Experts to Host In-Depth Design, Test, Characterization Workshops

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Aug. 24, 2015 – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today announced it will demonstrate a wide range of design, test and characterization solutions at European Microwave Week 2015, Palais des Congrès, Booth E 110, Paris, Sept. 8–10.

Keysight, a twelve-year platinum sponsor of the event, will have technical experts on hand to discuss and demonstrate the latest high-performance hardware and software solutions. These are the tools that today’s engineers need to gain insight into designing, testing and characterizing components for radar systems, antennas and next-generation wireless devices.

Keysight’s technical experts will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate the following solutions at the show.

RF and Microwave Circuit Design Solutions

Learn about Keysight’s EEsof EDA Advanced Design System, the industry’s leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave and signal integrity applications. Keysight’s technical experts will discuss its capabilities for silicon RFIC and RF microwave design, including ADS/Virtuoso interoperability flow, with EM capabilities from Keysight EEsof EDA EMPro for IC and module design and RFIC packaging.

Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Test Solutions

Learn how to generate and analyze a variety of wideband millimeter-wave signals, including 5G, 802.11ad, and backhaul including digital modulation and analysis.

Learn about terahertz solutions for device and material test for measuring the relative permittivity and loss tangent of dielectric materials at millimeter wave and terahertz frequency. This is especially useful with stealth materials, dielectric substrates, microwave food products and biofuels.

Material and Component Characterization Solutions

Learn about capacitance measurements at the nanoscale using the unique Keysight scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) mode that combines the comprehensive electrical measurement capabilities of a vector network analyzer (VNA) with the outstanding spatial resolution of an atomic force microscope (AFM).

Learn how to perform complete linear and non-linear characterization using the Keysight PNA-X, the world’s most integrated and flexible microwave test engine for measuring modern, active devices, such as amplifiers, mixers and frequency converters.

Learn about Modular PXI solutions for production and research labs, including multi-function and multi-port scalable test beds using Keysight’s PXI-VNA, a full, two-port VNA that uses only one slot. Keysight’s modular solutions leverage existing measurement science from benchtop instruments to perform fast, accurate measurements while reducing the cost-of-test.

Radar and Electronic Warfare Applications

Learn how to simulate multi-emitter electronic warfare threat scenarios to gain deeper confidence in electronic warfare (EW) system performance using Keysight’s UXG with Signal Studio for multi-emitter scenario generation software. Also learn how to analyze and measure pulse characteristics using the Keysight 89600 VSA software.

Learn about next generation radar and electronic warfare (EW) test systems that must meet diverse, deceptive and agile threat environments. See how Keysight’s test solutions offer modular building blocks that address the requirements for multi-channel, reconfigurable multi-function aspects of next generation wideband radar.

Learn about wideband signal generation and analysis of multi-tone and modulated signals, up to 2 GHz, using Keysight’s Z9070B signal analysis solution.

Learn about RF and microwave field measurements using the Keysight’s FieldFox analyzer for radar, satellite and cable measurement applications.

Keysight experts will host RF and microwave circuit design; millimeter wave and terahertz test; material and component characterization; and radar and electronic warfare applications workshops throughout the week. Additional information and workshop registration is available at www.keysight.com/find/EuMW2015.

About Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies (NYSE:KEYS) is a global electronic measurement technology and market leader helping to transform its customers’ measurement experience through innovations in wireless, modular, and software solutions. Keysight’s electronic measurement instruments, systems, software and services are used in the design, development, manufacture, installation, deployment and operation of electronic equipment. The business had revenues of $2.9 billion in fiscal year 2014. Information about Keysight is available at www.keysight.com.


Additional information about Keysight Technologies is available in the newsroom at www.keysight.com/go/news.


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