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KnowRoaming Launches Soft SIM Platform With TCL Communication At Mobile World Congress 2016

by david.nunes

KnowRoaming Launches Soft SIM Platform With TCL Communication At Mobile World Congress 2016

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 22, 2016 -­ KnowRoaming today announced the launch of the Soft SIM Platform, an entirely virtual, hardware-­free SIM, complete with custom management tools and a global roaming network. 

“The KnowRoaming Soft SIM Platform is the first truly end-­to-­end, turn-­key solution of its kind,” said Gregory Gundelfinger, KnowRoaming CEO. “The Platform offers the complete package, from delivery, to management, to global network connectivity.”

KnowRoaming has partnered with TCL Communication for the launch of this platform in the company’s handsets – starting with the China market before launching in the US and other global markets. Its portfolio of products is currently sold in over 170 countries globally under two key brands – ALCATEL and TCL. Under these combined brands, the company has grown to be one of the world’s fastest growing handset manufacturers globally, with cumulative sales volume of handsets and other products above 83 million units in 2015; and its ALCATEL brand is the fourth largest mobile handset manufacturer in North America.

With the technology integrated in selected handsets, users can automatically connect to networks in foreign countries, monitoring their account usage in real-­time through the dedicated app, all while benefiting from low data roaming rates and a seamless device-­ integrated experience.  

The end users access roaming rates up to 85% lower than their carriers’ in 200+ countries thanks to KnowRoaming’s commercial agreements with networks worldwide. KnowRoaming operates the global Multi-­IMSI network that provides the data, voice and SMS services. The network selection, call routing and billing are all handled by KnowRoaming infrastructure.

“Our Soft SIM Platform is designed for easy implementation with different baseband chipsets, purposefully created to be a quick, drop-­in integration,” said Dominik Swierad, KnowRoaming COO. “The Platform offers full control and dynamic provisioning, custom-­ designed for Multi-­IMSI roaming connectivity.”

KnowRoaming first entered the consumer market in 2013 with the launch of the Global SIM Sticker. The Sticker attaches to a customer’s existing SIM card and remains dormant while at home. When the customer travels, the Sticker automatically connects to local networks for significant savings. Since the launch of this product, KnowRoaming has continued to focus on developing innovative new technologies to better connect devices across borders.

“The Soft SIM Platform is a natural evolution for KnowRoaming. First, we took the standard SIM technology and created the ultra-­thin SIM Sticker. Next, we removed the hardware component completely,” said Gundelfinger. “With the flexible delivery mechanisms, the operation of a mobile network, and commercial agreements with networks worldwide, KnowRoaming has a unique vertically integrated solution and the applications are seemingly endless. We’re a one-­stop shop for global connectivity.”

The Soft SIM Platform will be showcased on ALCATEL handsets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the KnowRoaming booth, 1A07. For more information, visit www.knowroaming.com or email business@knowroaming.com.

About KnowRoaming
KnowRoaming delivers truly end-­to-­end solutions for global connectivity. For consumer, corporate, and enterprise customers, KnowRoaming offers flexible delivery mechanisms, customizable management platforms, and a global mobile network. KnowRoaming launched the world’s first Global SIM Sticker in 2013 and has since developed a new industry-­disrupting innovation: the Soft SIM Platform. Each product includes fully transparent, real-­time management tools that can be tailored to customers’ needs.

KnowRoaming has coverage in 200+ countries at rates up to 85% lower than carriers. KnowRoaming is a technology company focused on innovation and exceptional customer experience. Learn more at www.knowroaming.com.

About TCL Communication
TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited (“TCL Communication”; HKSE stock code: 02618) together with its subsidiaries and its affiliates designs, manufactures and markets an expanding portfolio of mobile and internet products and service worldwide under two key brands –ALCATEL ONETOUCH and TCL. TCL Communication’s portfolio of products is currently sold in China and over 170 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific. According to telecommunication research firm IDC and company’s data, the company ranked No. 5 among global phone manufacturers in the third quarter of 2015. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, TCL Communication operates its highly efficient manufacturing plant and R&D centers in overseas and PRC. It employs over 15,000 people worldwide.

For more information, please visit its website at http://tclcom.tcl.com.

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