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KORE, Kigen and Energy Web collaborate to provide eSIM based trusted identity system for smart grid

by Anthony Weaver

Major development in clean energy transition that leverages the latest standards-based security schema, eSIM, and open-source blockchain to be discussed during eSIM Summit at Mobile World Congress – Barcelona

KORE, the global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and worldwide IoT Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) and Energy Web, the non-profit focused on building operating systems for energy grids, announced today a collaboration supported by Kigen that provides a secure and global connectivity solution for smart grid applications, designed with eSIM and OPEN IoT SAFE technology.


A solution to accelerate clean energy transition with IoT

KORE’s award-winning OmniSIM solution, powered by eSIM and multi-IMSI technology, is enabling customers like Energy Web with resilient, future-proof connectivity. As IoT accelerates, there is an increasing concern of security risk — because every new device connected to the internet represents a security risk or point of vulnerability.

IoTSAFE offers a robust, scalable, and standardized technology to protect IoT data communications on the actual SIM, enabling IoT connectivity. The standard represents a start toward easing this journey, with additional capabilities required for those that leverage data insights from IoT. Kigen’s advanced feature set that makes it more accessible to all stakeholders is termed ‘OPEN IoT SAFE.’

This collaboration between KORE and Kigen leverages the features of eSIM and OPEN IoT SAFE to act as a hardware wallet anchored to an open-source, publicly accessible blockchain-powered by Energy Web.

Using Energy Web’s technology, organizations can build their own applications via the world’s first open-source technology stack focused directly on the transition to renewable energy. As part of the collaboration between KORE and Kigen to deploy OPEN IoT SAFE, a purpose-built SDK designed by Energy Web was used as part of the development process.

Enabling ecosystems to leverage data for impactful outcomes

The ability to provide trustworthy information to third-party IoT providers via eSIM, which builds in device-level security and can authenticate data for a user’s cloud service, securely communicating data at the packet level, is a monumental leap forward in creating end-to-end security within the IoT ecosystem. This collaboration allows one of the world’s largest ecosystems to ensure that IoT data is trusted and secure.

The energy marketplace pioneered by Energy Web is an inspiring example of digital transformation underway in many sectors, where data from Massive IoT can be a difference-maker. 


“KORE has long supported security by design and securing IoT solutions from the ground up,” commented KORE’s President and CEO Romil Bahl. “We are thrilled to be able to support this innovative initiative that brings IoT security to the forefront and doesn’t pass along the full brunt of security downstream. High-value collaborations like those with Kigen and Energy Web enable our IoT security initiatives.”

“Secure storage of credentials such as device identities is vital for delivering connected services, and the resulting data must be trustworthy,” said Vincent Korstanje, CEO at Kigen. “We’re pleased that this collaboration allows this by combining KORE’s strength in eSIM connectivity and Energy Web’s decentralized technology to move the world towards a zero-carbon economy.”

Find out more

This innovation will be featured at Mobile World Congress – Barcelona on March 2nd. KORE and Kigen will collectively explore how eSIM will help realize Massive IoT adoption, with specific discussion around the accessibility of eSIM, security features, and emerging trends.

If you would like to experience the event first hand, please request a pass here, or book a meeting to find out more on how you can take advantage of this development.

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