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Kroll Ontrack launches comprehensive tool for IT challenges and legal requests with Ontrack PowerControls 7.0

by david.nunes

Kroll Ontrack launches comprehensive tool for IT challenges and legal requests with Ontrack PowerControls 7.0

New edition supports Microsoft® Exchange and Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013 as well as legal-driven data collection requirements

London – 18 June, 2013 – Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery, e-disclosure and information management products and services, today announced the availability of Ontrack® PowerControls™ version 7.0. Complete with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 support as well as new functionality for preserving and exporting Exchange/SharePoint source and metadata, Ontrack PowerControls 7.0 significantly reduces the time and resources associated with common IT dilemmas.

“With a migration path to the newest Exchange and SharePoint versions, coupled with complete support for collections, Ontrack PowerControls 7.0 is a comprehensive and forensically sound tool for IT and legal,” said Jim Reinert, vice president of product development, Kroll Ontrack. “From recovery and restoration to migration, consolidation and collection, Kroll Ontrack is committed to delivering a robust, integrated and comprehensive tool that manages IT and legal tasks in half the time when compared to traditional methods or other solutions.”

As companies deploy Microsoft Exchange and/or Microsoft SharePoint 2013, IT must consider and ensure that various policies, procedures and systems can support the latest platform versions. Ontrack PowerControls 7.0 ensures requirements for migration to Exchange and SharePoint 2013 are met. Furthermore, using Ontrack PowerControls 7.0 to copy existing mailboxes or content to the new 2013 servers offers IT a unique migration path that does not require an old server and new server to be online simultaneously. This eliminates the work required to get an old server prepared or coexisting with Exchange and SharePoint 2013.

In addition to data maintenance tasks, IT regularly receives collection requests from legal, requiring them to efficiently and defensibly identify, preserve and collect potentially relevant data from live environments as well as backups with minimal disruption. Ontrack PowerControls 7.0 addresses the legal and technical complexities associated with data collection through an easy to use, intuitive interface, intelligent search functionality, and the ability to work directly with backups. Once the relevant data has been located and identified, IT can leverage Ontrack PowerControls to export the data while preserving metadata, in industry standard formats, so it can be easily imported into both archiving applications as well as e-disclosure platforms for deeper downstream analysis and review.

For more information about the Ontrack PowerControls solution, visit http://www.krollontrack.co.uk/software/powercontrols-exchange.

For a free trial version of Ontrack PowerControls, visit http://www.krollontrack.co.uk/resource-library/free-software-downloads

About Kroll Ontrack Inc.
Kroll Ontrack provides technology-driven services and software to help legal, corporate and government entities as well as consumers manage, recover, search, analyse, and produce data efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition to its award-winning suite of software, Kroll Ontrack provides data recovery, data destruction, electronic discovery and document review. Kroll Ontrack is a subsidiary of Altegrity, an industry-leading provider of information solutions. For more information about Kroll Ontrack and its offerings please visit: www.krollontrack.co.uk and follow Kroll Ontrack on Twitter @KrollOntrackUK.

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