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Leading Asian Telecom Deploys Comverse ONE Real-Time Rating for Converged Charging of Advanced 3G Data Services

by david.nunes

Leading Asian Telecom Deploys Comverse ONE Real-Time Rating for Converged Charging of Advanced 3G Data Services

Advanced Real-Time Capabilities Integrate With Kenan Postpaid Billing & Monetization System to Optimize Data Monetization, Improve Customer Experience

Key Takeaways:

  • Comverse has successfully deployed its Comverse ONE real-time converged charging solution to a leading South East Asia telecommunications provider
  • The solution augments the existing Comverse Kenan FX postpaid system
  • Benefits include improved monetization of skyrocketing data usage, support for advanced services, expansion to new business models, reduced costs and an enhanced customer experience

WAKEFIELD, Mass., Oct. 13, 2014 – Comverse (Nasdaq:CNSI), a global leader in business enablement solutions for service providers and enterprises, today announced that a leading provider of telecommunications services in South East Asia has successfully augmented its proven Comverse Kenan FX postpaid system with Comverse ONE® real-time converged charging to boost data monetization, support advanced services, embrace new business models, lower costs and deliver a superior customer experience.

This business transformation enables the communication service provider (CSP) to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations in its highly competitive environment, where the mobile penetration rate exceeds 100% and data usage is skyrocketing, enhancing the existing Comverse Kenan BSS with real-time rating capabilities minimized project risk and cost while powering up delivery of an incomparable personalized user experience with a converged 360° real-time view of account information for millions of customers. This comprehensive converged charging solution opens the doors to new areas of service and opportunity: consumer, enterprise and MVNO channel partners.

Speedy, Phased Path to Convergence

Enhancing postpaid systems with real-time capabilities leverages existing investments for OPEX-reducing operational efficiencies without requiring a complex IT transformation process. As a result, service providers can generate new revenues faster, improving marketing effectiveness through actionable intelligence insights, M2M monetization, WiFi offload and other emerging business models.

“Comverse BSS real-time capabilities such as authorization, rating, charging, balance management, configurable notifications, monetization and policy management are key elements that improve the customer experience. Real-time usage and financial information pave the way to accurate account visibility and control, tailored pricing plans, targeted offers and campaigns, prevention of bill shock from international data roaming charges and more,” remarked Jacques-Herve Maupin, Chief Commercial Officer at Comverse.

“This significant enhancement of service underscores the effectiveness of our proven market-leading converged BSS solutions – plus the value of our regional expertise, service and support, providing service providers in Asia and worldwide with a competitive edge that can significantly boost business results,” Maupin said.

Learn more about how Comverse solutions and services can provide you with agility to exploit new networks, markets, products, business models and partnerships; contact us at www.comverse.com.

About Comverse

At the core of the evolution of how we communicate, exchange information and monetize the digital world, Comverse enables the creation and monetization of innovative digital services for telecom and enterprise service providers through its proven and innovative product portfolio that includes managed BSS and Policy (PCRF), Enterprise and Cloud Billing, and Digital Services – all backed by Managed and Professional Services. Comverse’s extensive customer base spans more than 125 countries with solutions successfully delivered to over 450 communication service providers serving more than two billion subscribers. Comverse’s solutions are available in a variety of delivery models, including on-site, cloud, hosted/SaaS and managed services. For more information, visit www.comverse.com.

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