Leading Eastern European MNO implements real time for data services
MNO orders Orga Systems active mediation and intelligent charging platform NGCP

Paderborn (Germany) 08 March 2011: Orga Systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, acquired an Eastern-European MNO as new customer for its real-time charging, active mediation and policy control solution NGCP. The Next Generation Control Point (NGCP) will be implemented to maximize the MNOs revenue streams. By enforcing real-time charging for data services in their network, customers will be able to charge all subscribers via one unified platform and to enhance business value.

Integrating a real-time charging flow between network and billing system
The NGCP performs subscriber specific policies and charging decisions by integrating a real-time charging flow between network and billing system. The active mediation and intelligent charging platform NGCP plays a great role in customer satisfaction. A key feature are real time subscriber notifications, which generate a superior end-user experience. Therefore customers benefit from flexibility, various service offerings and the overall customer-centric-approach.

Performance increase by more than 300%
The platform for both types of subscribers (pre and postpaid) is able to charge all services (Data, VAS, etc.). The single convergent platform approach enables differentiated services for MNOs. The key advantages of the unified platform are: performance increase by more than 300% through a very flexible system configuration and support of Subscriber Profile Repository, which can be used for policing and autonomous charging. Enabled by this unique real-time solution, the Eastern-European MNO will be able to perform faster launches of new and differentiating services. Moreover, the solution will modify innovative and segmented new services and service bundles, attractive mobile broadband offerings as well as real-time notifications and interaction based on data. This process is put into effect by real-time subscriber data management.

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