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Leading European MVNE Teleena launches a hosted HLR/HSS solution for M2M/IoT players

by david.nunes

Teleena - Mobile Service Enabler

Leading European MVNE Teleena launches a hosted HLR/HSS solution for M2M/IoT players

Nieuwegein (NL), February 2015 – Teleena – the leading mobile service enabler (MVNE) – who provide a full range of hosted and managed services to the mobile industry, this week announced the successful launch of its in-house developed Home Location Register (HLR). The benefits of this new software-based HLR include improved scalability, and lower operational cost. Built to support its current customer base, Teleena will also offer capacity on its new HLR to 3rd parties as a hosted managed solution (HLR/HSS as a Service, so called HaaS).

This service is available to support a wide range of potential customers including (virtual) mobile network operators or service providers looking for an outsourced managed HLR/HSS solution with low CAPEX and OPEX financials. With the upcoming growth in machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT), Teleena expects demand for this service to accelerate rapidly.

“Our HLR platform saves mobile operators, M2M and OEM companies from having to build a complex expensive infrastructure which also requires a high level of expertise. Teleena’s new HLR is already connected to 400+ MNO networks through international signaling integrations, enabling rapid provisioning of multi IMSI’s. Therefore organizations benefit by being able to launch new services in a few weeks.” says Timo Smit, Founder & Executive Director at Teleena.

Timo continues, “The HLR/HSS is fully 3GPP compliant and supports multi IMSIs, multi MSISDN, multi country, so ready for the future. Provisioning can be done via available APIs and management via standard GUI. A customer can be up and running on the service in only a few weeks.”

Read more about Teleena’s Home Location Register Platform as a Service.

Teleena is the leading mobile service enabler (MVNE). We provide and host mobile data services for global brands, mobile network operators (MNOs), cable companies and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to extend their mobile reach and create new revenue streams. We also provide our mobile services to any mobile device manufacturer, machine-to-machine (M2M), Cloud and content service provider or retail brand throughout the world. Teleena is an Associate Member of the GSMA. Visit: www.teleena.com

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