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Leading Telecom Operator in Bahrain Selects ZIRA Wholesale Solution

by david.nunes

Leading Telecom Operator in Bahrain Selects ZIRA Wholesale Solution

To Transform and Generate New Revenue from the Global Digital Ecosystem

ZIRA, a leading vendor of BSS software and solutions, is pleased to announce they have been selected by the leading telecom operator in Bahrain to provide the ZIRA Wholesale solution to accelerate the operator’s wholesale business transformation and generate new revenue streams from the global digital ecosystem.

After an intense vendor evaluation process, the leading operator in Bahrain chose ZIRA because of ZIRA’s depth of industry expertise and ability to provide a real-time wholesale management solution with end-to-end coverage of all wholesale business areas, including trading, routing, billing and settlement as one convergent platform for all services.

“We are proud that Bahrain’s market leader in telecommunication has recognized ZIRA Wholesale as an industry-leading solution that fully addresses the latest market challenges in wholesale operations and revenue management. With our solution in place, they will be able to capture new revenue streams opportunities and gain increased productivity and operational efficiency” said Alen Muslić, VP Product Management at ZIRA. “This project represents an important milestone for ZIRA’s leadership in the Middle East wholesale market and we look forward to continuing successful innovations with our customers in this region.”

ZIRA Wholesale is an all-in-one integrated solution that fully addresses challenges and needs within the wholesale telecom business, based on ZIRA’s 20 years’ experience in innovating wholesale revenue management solutions for telco operators. The quick to implement and cost-effective software solution converges all wholesale services (voice, data, roaming) and unifies the ecosystem of customers, end users, suppliers, partners, internal organizations and back office systems. By covering the entire wholesale revenue chain and supporting unlimited types of wholesale models (from national to international), ZIRA Wholesale provides full process automation that is improving time, agility and flexibility for ZIRA’s customers.

About ZIRA

ZIRA has been successfully delivering BSS solutions for 20 years to 50+ telecommunication operators across 22 countries. ZIRA works closely with customers to implement fully integrated and modular solutions that support legacy investments for customer, revenue and risk management across all business domains (wireline, wireless and IP). ZIRA is committed to helping customers prepare for the future by driving agility, improving insight and reducing complexities in business operations. Customer trust, commitment to exceptionally short delivery time and an innovative approach are what ZIRA is well known for and is confirmed by their long-term relationships and their customer’s business excellence. For more information, visit: www.zira.com.ba.


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