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Lenovo refines Moto G line with Moto G5 & Moto G5 Plus – IHS Markit analysis

by david.nunes

Lenovo refines Moto G line with launch of Moto G5 & Moto G5 Plus
By Gerrit Schneemann, Senior Analyst at IHS Markit

The Moto G series continues to Lenovo’s mid-range Moto devices. The company is framing the device launch as closely in line with consumer preferences for the price point. Lenovo is focusing on hardware design, battery life and camera capabilities with the Moto G5.

The new Moto devices will be available in various markets in March, starting at €199 for the Moto G5 and €229 for the Moto G5 Plus.

Hardware highlights:

  • Metal body on both
  • G5 :5.0” full HD display; G5Plus: 5.2” full HD – with same 1920×1080 resolution
  • 2GBm 3GB, 4GB RAM versions
  • 16GB, 32GB, 64GB ROM versions (depending on market) – expandable via microSD card of up to 128GB
  • G5 Plus features 12Mp camera with dual autofocus pixels.
  • NFC only available outside the US on the Moto G5 Plus

Our analysis:

Lenovo is has seen the Moto G range do well in various markets, like Latin America. With these new devices, Lenovo will be able to continue to engage users in those markets at the desired price point.

However, the mid-range market is becoming increasingly crowded with competitors, who pack similar features either into the same price point or add more premium features to slightly more expensive devices, but still in reach of the target audience. Using metal in the body is a differentiator at this price, but increased competition will make it harder to stand out.

Motorola previews upcoming Moto Mods – including Alexa

Lenovo has shown off a host of new mods for Moto Z – launching over the next two quarters:

  • Two power packs
  • Adapter to charge Mods without device
  • Wireless charging Mod with glass back
  • Gaming pad with speakers, storage, pre-loaded games
  • Amazon Alexa Mod with interactive display on the back. Supports always-on listening

By launching more Mods and partnering with Amazon on an Alexa Mod, Lenovo is showing commitment to the Mod platform, providing reassurance for buyers that their handset will receive new capabilities in the future.

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