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LGS Innovations Promotes Kevin Kelly to CEO

by david.nunes

LGS Innovations Promotes Kevin Kelly to CEO

Kelly Instrumental in Leveraging Innovation from Bell Labs and Alcatel-Lucent to Address Federal Customer Requirements

HERNDON, Va.—June 25, 2012— LGS Innovations™, an independent subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU and Euronext Paris), today announced the appointment of Kevin Kelly as Chief Executive Officer. Kelly replaces Lt. General Ronald W. Iverson (Ret. USAF) who is retiring from the company after serving as its first and only CEO since inception in 2007. Kelly most recently served as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Corporate Strategy.

“The entire LGS team and government community owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to Gen. Iverson for his contribution to the advancement of communications technology throughout the Federal Government,” said Kelly. “LGS is well-positioned to leverage its strengths in research and development and networking infrastructure to capitalize on the emerging communications requirements of Federal agencies around the globe.”

Kelly is widely recognized throughout the Federal Defense and Intelligence communities for advancing LGS’ role in delivering mission-critical networking and mobile communications to more effectively serve the warfighter and drive mission-success.

“With Kevin Kelly at the helm, I could not be more confident about the future direction of LGS and its ability to address the needs of our Defense, Civilian, and Intelligence agency customers,” said Gen. Iverson. “He is one of the most intelligent, innovative and hard-working executives I have ever encountered, and he was the clear choice to present to the Board of Directors as my replacement, which approved him unanimously.”

Kelly has been instrumental in aligning Alcatel-Lucent’s products and LGS’ network integration capabilities with mission-requirements, leveraging LGS’ research teams and Alcatel-Lucent’s $3 billion annual investment in R&D to the benefit of the government customer.

To address customer requirements to shrink the footprint of mobile communications while making them more secure, Mr. Kelly launched a Mobility Business Unit. This unit offers solutions in wireless infrastructure, including on-campus and small cell solutions, tactical communications, device management, mobile security, and managed services (which includes billing, network element provisioning, administration, and operations). One of the first solutions is lightRadioTM from Alcatel-Lucent, designed to shrink a cell-phone tower to the size of a small handheld cube. lightRadio cuts the power required for a cellular base station as well as eliminates much of the physical infrastructure that goes along with it.

Under Kelly’s leadership, LGS has also been very successful helping customers build new networking systems from the ground up, including network design and architecture.

In addition, the company has driven success around gateway services like infrastructure and installation, including continued work on the U.S. Army’s Infrastructure Modernization (IMOD) contract. “Starting with infrastructure and installation, the customer understands the impact we can have on their ability to drive smarter, faster, and more secure communications across any environment to address mission-requirements,” added Kelly. “With the increased demand for COTS solutions, LGS is well positioned to leverage our parent company’s industry leadership in designing, building and managing some of the world’s most sophisticated networks.”

Previously, Kelly held senior positions at GE Aerospace, Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, and General Dynamics. He has also held positions in the Federal government as a communications engineer, and traces his public service lineage to both grandfathers who served in a variety of capacities with the Federal government. Both parents held positions in the U.S. government.

Kelly holds a BSEE from Penn State University and an MS in Engineering Management from George Washington University.

About LGS Innovations

LGS Innovations LLC solves the most complex networking and communications challenges facing the U.S. Federal Government. Building on its Bell Labs heritage, LGS Innovations delivers groundbreaking research and advanced networking and communications solutions that provide an information advantage and contribute to the mission success of its customers. Solutions include Infrastructure & Installation; Video Teleconferencing and Surveillance; Emergency Communications, Tactical Communications; Wireless/Mobility; 4G/LTE; Enterprise, Optical and Data Networking; and research and development in Advanced Multimedia/RF, Cybersecurity, sensing technologies, and Photonics.

An independent subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent dedicated solely to serving the U.S. Federal Government, LGS Innovations is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, with offices in Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, and North Carolina. To learn more about LGS Innovations, visit www.lgsinnovations.com. LGS Innovations: The Network ExpertsTM

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