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Libelium (ES) – Libelium integrates Axis’ devices in its IoT Gateway increasing interoperability and extending the ecosystem to 90 partners

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June 26th, 2017 – Libelium

Libelium presents new programs to integrate IoT hardware devices and radio communication protocols increasing the whole value chain and extending the Ecosystem to more than 90 companies.

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, is the first company to integrate security cameras with the IoT Gateway Meshlium.

With the aim to enlarge the IoT ecosystem and to offer interoperability with any company in the whole IoT value chain, Libelium launches two new partnership programs to integrate devices from hardware companies and new radio communication protocols. These new services allow to integrate devices with the IoT Gateway Meshlium and new communication protocols apart from the 16 already supported. The IoT company presents them at Sensors Expo & Conference, in California, between the 27th and 29th of June at 434 stand.

The Hardware Partner Program will allow the integration of streaming devices like sensor nodes, cameras, microphones, data loggers, PLCs and other industrial devicesAxis Communications, the market leader in network video, has been the first company to join the program and has integrated a camera with Libelium’s IoT Gateway. The aim of this new service is to give companies new opportunities in the IoT arena to be used in smart projects connecting directly with more than 40 Cloud platforms already compatible with Meshlium..

Libelium IoT Ecosystem with Partners Programs

“Axis cameras and Libelium sensors can be combined and connected to any cloud platform to allow the collection and aggregation of all these various data streams in an easy and integrated manner. Advanced analytical algorithms can then leverage this smart data aggregation to generate valuable information that can help solve some of the most common urban challenges, and this can be customised for each city’s needs”, states Andrea Sorri, Director Business Development City Surveillance, Axis Communications.

The IoT market is constantly in motion and new communication protocols emerge every year. For this reason, Libelium has also launched the Radio Partner Program to enable the integration of new technologies. This new facility offers two options: one to develop custom projects and another for radio technology manufacturers.

“We are extending the interoperability of our IoT ecosystem because we are currently working in the whole IoT value chain, not only from sensors to the Cloud”, states David Gascón, Libelium CTO. “Our new programs satisfy the demands of the marketby adding third party devices and allowing the opportunity to send data through any connectivity protocol”, affirms Alicia Asín, Libelium CEO.

The IoT Marketplace currently offers up to 62 ready-to-be-deployed kits

One of Libelium’s main goals is to ease the IoT adoption in all the verticals of the market around the world. The IoT Marketplace has 62 kits at the moment and is growing with new companies and final solutions:

    • Cultiva has designed a Smart Agriculture Solution Kit to monitor soil and environmental conditions in cereal crops, vineyards, greenhouses or fruit trees. The company works in Spain and also Latin America markets.
    • Telit has launched its second kit on The IoT Marketplace. Telit Smart Cities Solution Kit controls key parameters in cities like air quality, noise or luminosity. Libelium and Telit reinforce their strategic partnership with this new collaboration.
    • Yazamtec has worked on the Smart Parking Sigfox Solution Kit to monitor parking occupancy in cities or business centers. The Dutch company provides an application to detect the arrival and departure of vehicles with a three axis electromagnetic field sensor.
    • Labeeb IoT has developed a Smart Cities Solution Kit to help municipalities to make better decisions and give quick responses to city problems. Labeeb IoT belongs to the Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC) which is s the first independent innovations center in the region.
    • Sensorup Development Kit allows users to program a solution on top of the Libelium-SensorUp platform and test it with real sensors.

Libelium-Yazamtec SmartParking Sigfox Solution Kit

Libelium-Yazamtec SmartParking Sigfox Solution Kit

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