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Liberalisation as the Way Forward

by david.nunes
Luiz Carlos Mendonca de BarrosIssue:Latin America III 1998
Article no.:10
Topic:Liberalisation as the Way Forward
Author:Luiz Carlos Mendonca de Barros
Organisation:Communications of Brazil
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Luiz Carlos Mendonca de Barros, Minister for Communications of Brazil, gives his views on Brazil’s road to liberalisation, and the lessons and experiences that other countries can benefit from.

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I would like to welcome you to the Third quarter edition of “Connect-World Latin America”, a series of important articles written by key figures in the telecommunications field with the aim of acting as a forum for the discussion of developments within this sector in Latin America. One of the most significant events in 1998 has been the telecommunications revolution in Brazil. The privatisation of Telebras, the largest deal in history, is an excellent sign of Brazil’s potential, especially in view of the difficult moment through which the world economy is passing. The lessons learned have revolved around the importance of getting the regulatory reforms right in order to create the appropriate climate and environment for all stakeholders. The new regulatory model for the sector, bold and modern even when compared to the highest international standards, has served to orient the reform of other sectors. The annual investment to be made by telecommunication companies and their equipment and input suppliers in coming years is expected to total more than 1% of GDP, representing a fundamental engine for growth in a period looking for a reduction in public spending. Brazil has actively shown that it is committed to the liberalisation of the sector as the way forward for the future. It is a process that will change the face of the country, creating opportunities for small, medium and large organisations which, I am sure, will not be overlooked. Conclusion Other countries in Latin America may well benefit from Brazil’s experience, as well as that of other countries which have taken this route. Sharing and exchanging these experiences will help to avoid known pitfalls, in order to derive real progress from the benefits of liberalisation.

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