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LibertyGlobal partners with Metrological

by david.nunes



Metrological and Liberty Global to partner for web-based TV Apps & Widgets




Rotterdam, Netherlands – 12 September 2011


Metrological Media Innovations and Liberty Global, Inc., the world’s


leading international cable operator, today announced that Liberty Global


will adopt Metrological’s Widget framework for its Next Generation TV


platform – Project Horizon. The Widget framework establishes the bridge


between Internet delivered content and pay-tv services in order to provide


digital television subscribers a broad range of innovative interactive


applications and enhanced services.


The Widget Framework will power the App & Widget Store that is part of the


new TV platform. In this store subscribers will be offered a full


catalogue of web-based Apps & Widgets that are seamlessly integrated in the user


interface. This brings interactive TV to the next level as the subscriber


will be able to access contextual, related Apps & Widgets, while watching


TV and video content at the same time.


With the social media Widget, viewers can share whatever they are watching


with their friends and recommend it. TV-show related Widgets provide


background information and the possibility to interact in real-time with


the TV program without having to move away from the program itself.


The Horizon open platform for apps aims to add a new dimension to


experiencing tv in the same way that apps have done for smart phones and


tablets. The Liberty Global Horizon ecosystem is an open and scalable


platform on which developers can continue to improve and enhance the


functionality for consumers. Liberty Global is working with the most


influential content providers to develop applications for its


standards-based ‘App Store’.


Liberty Global is reaching out to potential content partners and third


party application developers and will soon launch a software developers’


kit for Horizon, inviting them to join the existing 60 content partners


that already have developed apps for the new platform.


Liberty Global selected Metrological’s Widget framework to secure


interchangeability of widgets because of its compatibility with existing


platforms. Existing Apps & Widgets, including those based on Yahoo TV


widgets, W3C, HTML5, will run on this platform with limited or no rework.


This makes it easier for content providers to develop TV Widgets in a


market with an increasing number of platforms to choose from.


“We are truly honored to have been invited by Liberty Global to join such


a prestigious project development team and consider this as an ultimate


endorsement of our technological capabilities,” Albert Dahan, Chief


Technology Officer of Metrological stated.


“Content providers developing a widget for our platform will now be able


to have it run on other TV platforms as well and vice versa,” said Doron


Hacmon, Managing Director of Products Online Media department for the


European broadband operations of Liberty Global.



Project Horizon


“Liberty Global’s Project Horizon” is an elegant media and entertainment


platform for the home, which seamlessly integrates cable, web-based and


personal content. Horizon puts a multimedia gateway computer at the heart


of the digital home. This gateway will create a wireless network that


connects TV to all of the personal devices in the home – computers,


tablets and smartphones. The TV interface uses 3D graphics and images that


will bring content to life and make navigating simple, instant and


seamless. Supported by search and recommendation features, it will


integrate access to personal media content such as photos, music and


movies stored in the home or in the cloud. Horizon will also allow customers to


take their entertainment experience beyond their home TVs. Applications


have been developed for smartphones and tablet devices (second screens) as


well as web browsers that will enable a similar and complementary


experience on different devices both in and out of the home. The


commercial launch of Horizon is planned for the first quarter of 2012 with Liberty


Global’s division UPC in the Netherlands.



About Metrological


Metrological Group, founded in 2003, is headquartered in Rotterdam, The


Netherlands. The company focuses on the development and implementation of


innovative hardware and software products. It’s subsidiary Metrological


Media Solutions specializes in media technology for both the “business to


business” and “business to consumer” market. In 2009 the company


introduced Mediaconnect TV, a next generation generic open media platform device,


based on the IntelR CE Media Processing technology and powered by the


Metroconnect Operating System.


Metrological enables Media Service Operators, content providers, equipment


manufacturers and retailers, to deliver branded tailor-made Over-The-Top


Home Entertainment Media services, by offering a white labeled end-to-end


media platform, based on standard TV Widget technology.



About Liberty Global


Liberty Global is the leading international cable operator offering


advanced video, voice and broadband internet services to connect its


customers to the world of entertainment, communications and information.


As of June 30, 2011, Liberty Global operated state-of-the-art networks


serving 18 million customers across 14 countries principally located in Europe,


Chile and Australia. Liberty Global’s operations also include significant


programming businesses such as Chellomedia in Europe.






For more information:


Albert Dahan


Chief Technology Officer




+31 10 414 2257


[email protected]



Joram Kanner


Corporate Communications Manager


Liberty Global


+31 20 778 9684


[email protected]


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