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life:) implements next generation active mediation and intelligent charging

by david.nunes

Paderborn (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine) 23. September 2010: Fastest growing mobile operator in the Ukraine life:) has ordered Orga Systems new active mediation and intelligent charging platform NGCP. Orga Systems’ real-time charging solution unifies life:)’s advanced charging scenarios for all services across all subscriber segments on one single platform.

“As our long-term strategic partner, Orga Systems supplies life:) with its real-time convergent billing system as well as superb additional solutions from its real-time base portfolio. The recently ordered active mediation and intelligent charging solution will further strengthen our partnership as well as our leading position in the Ukrainian market”, states Ismail Celikkol life:)’s Service Network Deputy General Director.

Next Generation Data Services
Being the most innovative communication service provider in the Ukraine, life:) prepares itself to offer next generation data services in the near future. Relying on Orga Systems’ solution, limits the risk for life:) as the system upgrade can be smoothly integrated without having to settle high network or infrastructure costs. Compliant to latest 3GPP specifications, NGCP can be seamlessly integrate with existing Network and IT infrastructures. In combination with Orga Systems’ real-time convergent charging and billing solutions, NGCP will build a straight forward “end to end” solution that reduces the life:)’s TCO for future growth.

Single platform approach
All services (Data, VAS, etc.) can be charged on one single platform for all types of subscribers (pre and postpaid).The unique real-time solution will enable life:) to faster launch of new and differentiating services – the advantage in “Time to Market” is one important aspect for life:) as the Ukrainian market is highly competitive. Furthermore the solution will enable innovative and segmented new services and service bundles, attractive mobile broadband offerings as well as real-time notifications and interaction based on data made available by the real-time subscriber data management.

Real-time solutions for Marketing Champion
life:) and Orga Systems have won Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards “Convergent Billing Innovation Award” in June 2010. Total marketing support for perfect marketing campaigns in real-time makes life:) the Ukrainian Marketing Champion. Since 2006, life:) relies on Orga Systems market leading real-time convergent charging and billing solution and has been the first operator worldwide deploying a single system for truly convergent charging and billing.

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