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LightSquared Unleashes Innovative Network Services Supported by Convergys Smart Revenue Solutions

by david.nunes

LightSquared Unleashes Innovative Network Services Supported by Convergys Smart Revenue Solutions


(Cincinnati and Reston, Virginia; September 22, 2011) – Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) announced today that LightSquared, the United States first wholesale-only integrated LTE wireless broadband and satellite network, will implement Convergys’ state-of-the-art Rating and Billing Manager to deliver extraordinary transaction volumes and flexible handling of complex account hierarchies.


LightSquared delivers innovative 4G services to communication service providers and MVNOs and required a sophisticated system to handle the scale and complex nature of the wholesale model. The Convergys solution was uniquely positioned to support LightSquared’s growth in the wholesale market.


“Convergys was able to understand our business vision. Offering advanced 4G-LTE technology, we were looking for a rating and billing provider to understand the complex nature of the industry and have in-depth knowledge of the wholesale market,” said Mahmood Mirza, Vice President, Client Operations, LightSquared. “The sophisticated solution proposed by Convergys, which provides us with both flexibility and scalability, is most impressive.”


LightSquared is a new market entrant, offering an exclusive wholesale model to clients which include some of the largest carriers and resellers in North America. Leveraging state-of-the-art open wireless broadband network, LightSquared aims to unleash the full power of the mobile Internet, driving innovation in devices, applications, and services.


“The wholesale-only business model offered by LightSquared is going to be an interesting dynamic in the industry,” said Bob Lento, President, Information Management, Convergys.  “Convergys Smart Revenue Solutions fit very well with the innovative direction of LightSquared and we will provide robust, best-of-breed, rating and billing support as the company expands in the marketplace.”


Convergys  Rating and Billing Manager, part of a suite of Smart Revenue Solutions, is a comprehensive charging, rating, and balance management system that supports emerging services, such as those to be offered by LightSquared. Convergys has been helping companies optimize the value of their customer relationships for more than 30 years. Its industry-leading technologies and services take advantage of this experience to provide Smart Revenue Solutions that balance customer satisfaction with cost effectiveness.


About Convergys

Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) is a global leader in relationship management.  We provide solutions that drive more value from the relationships our clients have with their customers.  Convergys turns these everyday interactions into a source of profit and strategic advantage for our clients. 


For more than 30 years, our unique combination of domain expertise, operational excellence, and innovative technologies has delivered process improvement and actionable business insight to marquee clients all over the world.


Convergys has approximately 70,000 employees in 69 customer contact centers and other facilities in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and our global headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.  For more information, visit www.convergys.com


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