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Lightware Powers the Next Generation of Event Production at Worre Studios

by Anthony Weaver

Las Vegas-based Worre Studios standardizes Lightware’s UBEX for state-of-the-art live and virtual event studio

Budapest, Hungary (May 24, 2022) — Worre Studios is a state-of-the-art 25,000 square-foot facility that shifts virtual and traditional events into the future. Situated near the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, Worre Studios provides a unique approach for producers to reach a global audience in the most efficient and impressive ways. From live television broadcasts, product launches, live concerts, awards shows, press conferences, hosting a speaker series or a business meeting, Worre Studios is shaping the future of live and virtual events.

Founded by Marina Worre, Worre Studios was initially designed as a unique solution for translating in-person events into engaging, virtual events amid the pandemic. Today, Worre Studios is accessible to all and can cater to a global audience of creatives.

Worre Studios boasts a stage-in-the-round footprint, surrounded by a technologically-advanced 360-degree 1.9mm 4k LED interactive screen system. By harnessing broadcast-quality audio and video, Worre Studios creates a unique experience by enabling presenters and hosts to interact back and forth with well over 250,000 immersed attendees in real-time. With half of the LED walls on a track system, producers can easily expand the wall to allow room for adding a live audience component to a virtual function, creating the ultimate hybrid experience. Hosts can visually expand the audience field to talk to attendees directly, see and hear their reactions, and constantly interact to keep audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats.

“Worre Studios has a global reach for personal development speakers, product launches, fashion shows, music videos, traditional production, and much more,” said Larry Smith, president of Worre Studios. “We built the studio as a solution for hosting in-person events for a virtual audience. The studio was initially built for immersive events, but we have since opened it for rentals for clients. We have a 70-foot diameter and 15-foot tall LED display. The concept was delivered at the onset of the global pandemic. We have enough replacement parts to cover two full environments. Our screens are very high-quality and the content that is being delivered is at the highest resolutions available.”

Smith added, “Lightware and their UBEX portfolio are an essential part of Worre Studios’ LED environment. Without Lightware, we would not be able to get all of the imagery and content displayed on the screens during our events. Lightware and UBEX is the best solution on the market. UBEX integrates seamlessly with the technology in our studio. It allows us to have a seamless handshake that enables us to be flexible in our imagery. We can transport video from environment to environment without any delay. There are so many technologies that distribute video with latency. In broadcasting, every second with a blacked-out screen counts. UBEX has given us an even-faster handshake.”

UBEX is the professional AV industry’s leading uncompressed AV-over-IP solution. It can operate as a virtual matrix using a standard Ethernet switch as a crosspoint or work as a conventional point-to-point extender. The unit allows for uncompressed, high-fidelity signal extension at 4K UHD at 60 hertz (4:4:4) using packet-based transmission. UBEX can simultaneously transmit and receive content with deep-color streams and multi-channel audio. It is designed to be future-proofed while catering to professional AV stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

“Lightware provides flexibility and growth, which is essential to our business,” noted Smith. “Their technology is a behind-the-scenes solution, but it is the most powerful part of our environment. They have been spectacular in supporting us. Fortunately, we have not had any issues with their technology. If we need internal updates or new functionality, we can work with Lightware directly. Their team can support us at a moment’s notice.”

Lightware is proud to power a global network of technologists who come together to create some of the most spectacular, emerging and innovative experiences worldwide. Still, their technology has been a trusted solution for powering mission-critical data for decades. Lightware focuses on providing unique advantages to integrators and end-users by taking a personalized approach to powering immersive events.

“We value our relationship with Lightware,” said Smith. “They really look at our relationship as an extension of their business. They want to make sure the technology coming out of Worre Studios is a fantastic representation of their product and brand. Lightware wants to see the success of Worre Studios and, of course, utilize their UBEX technology. They also look further into how they can help us more. I have never worked with any other manufacturer who comes to us with ideas to help us succeed.

Smith added, “Many brands quickly depart once a product is complete. And I say, ‘Let’s keep working. Let’s evolve together.’ Lightware has a sense of ownership of its customers and their projects, even if it doesn’t have its name on it. Lightware doesn’t just build quality, flexible technology, but they build great relationships. We look forward to growing our relationship with Lightware as we anticipate adding new studios, both domestically and internationally, to create a global studio group.

For more information on Lightware, please visit lightware.com. Keep up with the latest news from Lightware on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Founded in 1998, Lightware Visual Engineering is a leading manufacturer of DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort matrix switchers, signal extenders and accessories for the professional AV market. Lightware’s goal is to recognize industry needs and develop performance-rich products of the highest quality by continuously consulting with integrators, rental technicians and design engineers. Headquartered in Hungary, Lightware’s products are available in over 40 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.

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