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Lindau gets connected to FTTH

by david.nunes

Stockholm 2011-05-18

Lindau gets connected to FTTH

Stadtwerke Lindau, a utility company located in Southern Germany on Lake Constance, has started a FTTH roll-out.
The first official ground breaking was completed in March 2011 and infrastructure works have started in the first areas of the city. The aim is to implement FTTH in one quarter of Lindau by end of May. Systematically other quarters of the city will follow over the next 3 years.
PacketFront’s partner, Trigon AG, is the local partner who is responsible for the delivery and integration of the PacketFront solution. Stadtwerke Lindau will implement the whole PacketFront solution encompassing the hardware solution with ASR routers and DRG CPEs, as well as our software suite – BECS and BBE.
Stadtwerke Lindau’s mission is to enable multi-play services to all inhabitants of the city of Lindau and neighboring regions so that the inhabitants can benefit from fastest Internet connection available, the safest IP telephony, HD-TV and a variety of services in their community.
‘Our aim is to connect 2/3 of the whole city by end of 2014’, says the director of Stadtwerke Lindau Klaus Steiner, and he continues, ‘Our aim is also to increase Lindau’s value as a municipality by deploying state-of-the-art technology and make it attractive to its inhabitants. So far Lindau is best known as the tourist attraction in the Bodensee region and now we are defining new values for our city. The old days of copper are over and will continuously be replaced by the new FTTH technology, which brings a revolution in speed to the end-users. It is exciting to be at the forefront and guide the way in Germany.‘ summarizes Klaus Steiner.
This FTTH project is supported by a huge advertising campaign, which explains in a simple and comprehensive way the benefits and advantages of getting connected to the FTTH network. It is the end-user who can choose between the different packages – telephony, internet and/or TV. Depending on the demand of the end-users, the rollout of the FTTH network in the urban regions is defined.

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