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Livingston Enables Drive Testing via Smartphone

by david.nunes

Livingston Enables Drive Testing via Smartphone


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17th October 2014 – In order to maximise the optimization and troubleshooting possibilities when deploying next generation wireless networks, test sourcing specialist Livingston now offers JDSU’s RANAdvisor Handheld multi-technology radio access network (RAN) analysis solution. Complementing the backpack and vehicle based RANAdvisor products from JDSU, this ground-breaking, extremely compact new test product keeps the engineering resource and hardware investment required for implementing mobile communication infrastructure to a minimum. It has a highly intuitive and simple to operative graphic user interface (GUI), plus a unique parallel sequencer, which makes it very straightforward to carry out tests and capture data. The real-time key performance indictor (KPI) engine incorporated into the unit provides the operative with feedback regarding any problems as they occur.


When used in tandem with JDSU’s CellAdvisor base station analyser, also available through Livingston, the RANAdvisor Handheld can quickly and easily verify that voice, data, and web services are all working correctly. The products that make up the RANAdvisor platform support receivers with up to 8 different frequency bands. The accompanying software simultaneously measures and troubleshoots network RF coverage and service delivery across all existing 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.

In addition to this product offering, Livingston can now provide its customers with RANAdvisor TrueSite an ultra-portable discrete Android-based solution optimised for testing within indoor environments. Controlled using Bluetooth, this solution eliminates the need for cabling, thus making it easy for operatives to configure and to run tests on. Supporting LTE, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA and EV-DO technologies, TrueSite is targeted at testing small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS) in indoor settings (like airports, sports stadiums and shopping centres). The solution can be used as a single device held (such as Samsung’s Galaxy S3/S4) in the palm of the operative’s hand, or used in conjunction with a control tablet so that up to 6 devices can be utilised. Location data can be taken directly from the device’s built-in GPS. The remote start/stop function means that this solution can be activated/deactivated via SMS.

“Operatives involved in the installation and maintenance at sites where the majority of testing that needs to be done takes place indoors have until now been dependent on the bulky test solutions designed for field work,” states Reinier Treur, Marketing Director at Livingston. “By providing drive test solutions of this kind, convenience levels can be boosted and implementation times dramatically shortened. Having support for a wide range of different mobile communication technologies means that the multitude of networks types can be addressed.”


About Livingston:

Livingston provides and manages test equipment for companies in more than 100 countries worldwide, giving them access to leading edge products regardless of their budget constraints. Founded over forty years ago, the company has built up a highly experienced team of engineering and supply chain professionals. Its services include rental, calibration management, and inventory management. Partnering with Livingston allows companies to optimise their capital expenditure, bringing greater return on investment, as well as generating cash for unused or underused assets through its equipment disposal and redeployment activities.


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