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Livingston Unveils New Asset Management Software Package

by david.nunes

Livingston Unveils New Asset Management Software Package

Bringing further dimensions to its test equipment rental offering

27th September 2012 – Test equipment sourcing specialist Livingston announces the availability of its Hire Management System (HMS). This advanced on-line tool has been designed to help customers improve their operational efficiencies through implementing more effective organisation of their test assets. HMS provides a real time view of the status, location and servicing details for each item of equipment in a company’s rental inventory. Through it customer specific information can be input, such as the designation of assets to specific engineers, sites, or subcontractors. It allows rental costs to be allocated to different contracts, etc, for better scrutiny of budgets.

Users can view the calibration certificates for each item on-line, as well as having the ability to extend the rental period or arrange collection of equipment. They are alerted whenever an item of equipment is approaching the end of its rental term. Users can also see early indications, via a simple-to-follow traffic light system (green, amber, red), of when equipment will be requiring its next recalibration.

The way in which data is viewed can be customised to suit a user’s particular preferences. Information can be easily manipulated, with various sorting and field filter options supported. Analysis can be carried out to check if equipment utilisation is well aligned with the current rental agreement, or whether capacity needs to be scaled up/down.

As Kathryn Williams, Customer Service Manager at Livingston, explains “Our HMS tool presents a far more sophisticated, interactive approach to the sourcing and ongoing management of test hardware. It means that customers who are renting items of equipment from us now have full visibility of how their test activities are being executed and whether their available resources are being fully optimised so that running costs are kept to a minimum.”

About Livingston:

Livingston provides and manages test equipment for companies in more than 100 countries worldwide, giving them access to leading edge products regardless of their budget constraints. Founded over forty years ago, the company has built up a highly experienced team of engineering and supply chain professionals. Its services include rental, calibration management, and inventory management. Partnering with Livingston allows companies to optimise their capital expenditure, bringing greater return on investment, as well as generating cash for unused or underused assets through its equipment disposal and redeployment activities.

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