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LOCKEN Launches Innovative WiFi Key

by david.nunes


New technology unlocks enhanced capability for digital access control 

LOCKEN, leading developers of cable free access control, whose unique solution concentrates on power, intelligence and communication in one smart key has further enhanced its system’s capabilities by adding WiFi to its new key.

LOCKEN’s latest development, based on the innovative Cyberlock technology, enables local users and central administrators to communicate in real time. This allows instant assignment of access rights, direct transmission of access reports and the coordination of activities at different locations.

The new WiFi key is suitable for strategic and sensitive infrastructures and is the ideal solution for protecting companies with sites in multiple locations. The key offers improved user security, with security managers receiving up-to-the-minute information about all events relating to access.

Nick Dooley, Managing Director of LOCKEN UK explains: “We are proud to announce the launch of our new WiFi key, providing even more functionality to our state-of-the-art smart access solution.

“LOCKEN’s cable free configuration, with power supply integrated into the key, not only provides a uniquely secure system, but significantly reduces installation costs compared to other similar products. The running costs are further lowered by optimised access control management – no maintenance, fewer keys, and no fuss when a key is lost.”

“The WiFi key and access administration are particularly suitable as a security solution where a number of individuals require access to the same site, but where high security and flexible administration are necessary.”

For further information about LOCKEN, visit www.locken.co.uk, find us on Facebook or telephone 0203 691 1610.

LOCKEN – Digital Smart Key for Cable Free Access Control

·         LOCKEN is the leading developer of a secure, economical and efficient solution that is particularly suited to securing both large single-site companies and multi-site businesses.

·         LOCKEN’s access control solution particularly meets the protection requirements for high-security facilities and remote locations.

·         LOCKEN’s solution is based on three key items: a smart digital key, electronic cylinders and access rights distributors operated via a user-friendly, secure software suite.

·         LOCKEN products are approved by British government.

Over the last three years, London-based LOCKEN UK Ltd has exceeded its growth targets, securing more than 25,000 access points in the UK

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