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London 2012 Olympic Games to benefit from machine-to-machine (M2M) communications

by david.nunes

London 2012 Olympic Games to benefit from machine-to-machine (M2M)

Traffilog M2M Device Powered by Telit’s Wireless Modules Installed in Public
Transportation Vehicles for Enhanced Passenger Safety and Security

London – June 6, 2012 – Alexander Dennis (ADL) the UK’s largest bus and
coach manufacturer, has announced that Traffilog, a leading web-based
telematics provider, will be installed in their public service vehicles in
time for the 2012 Olympic Games. Traffilog has also been selected by Kings
Ferry, the prestigious UK coach operator, to secure its fleet of coaches
they are supplying for the police and VIPs during the Games.

The Traffilog machine-to-machine (M2M) solution improves passenger comfort,
safety and efficiency. With the Olympics this summer requiring the highest
levels of security and safety, this will become a reality.  Using
state-of-the-art technology supported by the experience and understanding
that comes from a global fleet management solution, the Traffilog system
ensures that passengers will enjoy a more comfortable trip secure in the
knowledge that they are safe and secure.

Two Traffilog solutions, TraffiSafe and TraffiMech, will be used in tandem
at the Olympic Games. TraffiSafe detects dangerous and inefficient driving
behavior, and TraffiMech transmits vehicle data in real time and detects any
mechanical failure before it happens. Additional components were specified
for the Olympic Games implementation. The solution allows public authorities
to monitor a vehicle remotely the instant it is deemed necessary.

The M2M device features the GE863-GPS advanced cellular modules from Telit
Wireless Solutions that wirelessly transmits real-time driver and mechanical
performance data to their fleet management centre, as well as enables the
remote control of the vehicle by authorities, as deemed necessary. The
GE863-GPS is a very compact GSM/GPRS module with a GPS receiver. It’s a
perfect solution for M2M applications such as telematics devices for which
overall size and height are critical factors. These quad-band modules are
produced using BGA (ball grid array) technology — a production method that
minimizes costs by eliminating the need for additional system connectors.

The Traffilog system saves fleet operators money through more efficient
vehicle use, reduced fuel consumption and preventative engine maintenance,
while also providing enhanced security.

The Traffilog solution, available in 26 countries, has been available in the
UK since 2007 and supplies blue-chip organisations including National
Express, Commercial Vehicle Solutions, Northern Ireland Water and Daniels
Utilities. In addition it is used by Arriva Scandinavia, Arriva Italy, UPS,
FedEx, Nestle, Danone, Cemex, Orange and many more.

“Telit’s GE863-GPS module is a mission-critical component of our application
because of its high reliability, ruggedness and quality performance,” said
Yoav Megged, executive vice president, Traffilog. “That’s why we rely on
Telit modules for a large percentage of our systems worldwide.”

“Traffilog’s application for the Olympic Games proves once again the growing
significance of M2M technology and its combined benefits, specifically in
the realm of public safety and personal security,” said Dominikus Hierl,
chief marketing officer at Telit Wireless Solutions.

About Traffilog

Traffilog is a major player in the high-end systems market dedicated to
driver analysis, skills and safety, providing customers with reliable
business intelligence information to enhance overall fleet performance,
efficiency and driver safety. Traffilog developed proprietary technology to
allow customers to access all data provided by a vehicle. Such data is
accessed and analyzed based on the customer’s specific profile of usage and
special demands during daily operations. All information is read, then
analyzed and provided to the customer with a Business Intelligence (BI) set
of recommended action items. Traffilog offers the only academically
researched solution on the market today that is backed by five years of
proven field experience, and a Ph.D. thesis focused on driver safety

Traffilog products are focusing on driver behaviour in both the safety
aspects as well as the driving skills side. By implementing one of its
solutions enterprises may save more then 10% of its total fuel consumption
as well as 20% of the maintenance costs including tires, brakes and the
clutch due to the changed driver behaviour. Traffilog is the only solution
that incorporate BI tools into reading and profiling vehicle parameters. The
technology is capable of incorporating Multi Bus CAN channels simultaneously
as well as a 3D accelerometer.

Traffilog is active in 26 countries worldwide and working closly with OEMs
and distributors. In Europe the company has a market share of 70 percent.

About Telit

Telit Wireless Solutions is a brand of Telit Communications PLC (AIM: TCM),
an enabler of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications worldwide providing
wireless module technology and value-added services, including connectivity.
Exclusively dedicated to M2M with more than 12 years of experience in the
market, the company constantly enhances its technology leadership with six
R&D centers across the globe. Telit offers an extensive portfolio of the
highest quality cellular, short-range RF, and GNSS modules, available in
over 80 countries. By supplying scalable products that are interchangeable
across families, technologies and generations, Telit is able to keep
development costs low and protect customers’ design investments. In
addition, Telit is the only module provider in the market today to offer a
value-added services bundle including connectivity dedicated to simplifying
the deployment of M2M applications.

Telit provides unmatched customer support and premier design-in expertise
through its 25 sales and support offices, a global distributor network of
wireless experts with more than 30 Telit-designated Competence Centers, and
its online Telit Technical Support Forum.

Telit technology enables organizations to wirelessly collect, process and
respond to real-time data from vending machines, utility meters, cars,
remote health monitors and any other connected devices, creating new
efficiencies and revenue opportunities as well as societal and personal
benefits. Further information about Telit and its products can be found at
www.telit.com. Join the conversation and learn more about Telit and its
customers’ innovative applications on Facebook and Twitter.


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