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LucidPort Technology presents data encryption device: Chameleon

by david.nunes

LucidPort Technology presents data encryption device: Chameleon

SUNNYVALE, California, August 1, 2013 – LucidPort announced it will present Chameleon, a data protection device, during the upcoming Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA on August 13, 2013. In a talk titled “EndPoint Device Secures Cloud Storage”, LucidPort will demonstrate how Chameleon secures and protects end user data. The heightened security risks inherent in Cloud computing and storage will be addressed, with discussion on how Chameleon protects data in-motion and at-rest while allowing increased productivity from Cloud technologies.

Chameleon creates an encrypted drive using the free space on a computer’s disk. After a quick, initial setup, plug in the Chameleon USB device to access the encrypted drive, copy files to the encrypted drive, and unplug to secure your data. Chameleon also protects individual files or folders in unencrypted partitions. Individually encrypted files can be stored securely anywhere in your computer or on external storage devices. They can be safely transferred over the internet in email attachments, stored on flash keys and other portable media, or uploaded to cloud storage. They can be decrypted only with the original Chameleon, or an identical Chameleon duplicate.

Chameleon Pro, designed for organizational and corporate markets, adds control over groups of Chameleon devices:

  • Master / User device management
  • User revocation and data migration
  • User policy control

A Master Chameleon device controls a collection of User Chameleon devices. A Master Chameleon can open files encrypted by any of its Users, but the Users cannot open each other’s files. Users can be duplicated, recovered, and revoked by the Master.

About LucidPort Technology, Inc.
LucidPort develops personal data security products revolving around the “plug-and-play” experience of USB. LucidPort’s technologies apply advanced hardware with integrated software to create flexible, high performance, and easy to use USB products.
LucidPort is headquartered at 150 W. Iowa Ave., STE101., Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA., 408-720-8800, www.lucidport.com.
France Sales Contact, Zepla SARL, www.zepla.fr
UK Sales Contact, Origin Storage Ltd , www.originstorage.com/chameleon.asp

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