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Ludic Group launch Ludic Online offering a series of powerful collaboration, ideation, learning and knowledge sharing tools.

by david.nunes

Ludic Group launch Ludic Online offering a series of powerful collaboration, ideation, learning and knowledge sharing tools.

Ludic Group is announcing the launch of Ludic Online to offer a unique platform enabling organisations achieve their strategic goals in the cloud.This newly released platform expands upon the existing extensive presence of Ludic in the corporate online learning, collaboration and knowledge sharingmarket.

This state of the art online suite is an extension to our efforts to provide effective immersive learning, collaboration and sharing solutions as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that accelerate business transformation for companies and organisations worldwide”, said Paul Ashcroft, Ludic Group Partner.

Especially focusing on large systems transformation, leadership development, talent management and mobile learning, Ludic Online platform enables you unleash the power of online knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration through myDashboard and its immersive e-learning tool myLearn. These products are accompanied by supporting applications such as myLearnCreate and myLearnLibray, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of connected learning through one master platform.

Thousands of people have been using bespoke versions of the myDashboard and myLearn platforms in the past few years worldwide, but as organisations become more global, new tools are needed to maintain the same level of collaboration and strategic alignment. There are also new business demands; so we developed a new platform to suit these needs. With our online tools we want to enable any organisation simplify streamlining processes, improve business performance and empower their people, engaging them in tackling business issues and in future strategy development” said Clemens Hackl, Ludic Online Managing Director.

Ludic Online powerful tools are low cost and low risk, suitable for small and large teams across single or multiple business areas, accessible via desktops, tablets and any smartphone and are SaaS based solutions meaning no new hardware or software to install.

myDashboard is a central hub for personalised knowledge sharing and collaboration to support large scale transformation programmes. myDashboard enables rapid knowledge transfer across programme teams through it’s state of the art, easy to use interface. Teams can collaborate online in dedicated discussion spaces, while physical events can be arranged, with myDashboard, providing an easy to use knowledge repository for event documentation.

myLearn is a complete online learning environment that accelerates learning and enables knowledge sharing and assessment within organisations of any size. myLearn is accessed through an immersive 3D environment anywhere and anytime. myLearn is fully SCORM 1.2 compliant and seamlessly integrates and tracks content produced with myLearnCreate, Ludic Online’s fast authoring tool for tailored made course creation, or any third party provider.



About the Ludic Group

The Ludic Group are leaders in Design Thinking. Experts in Innovation, Communications, Capability Building, Virtual Collaboration, Media Based Transformation and Strategic Design, they support the world’s most recognised organisations. The Ludic Group’s multi-disciplinary teams create tools and programmes that are designed for large scale sustainable change, systems transformation and Service Innovation. Ludic enables clients to design, innovate, accelerate and transform their businesses.









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