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Lukup offers hybrid TV platform globally powered by Tata Communications

by david.nunes

Lukup offers hybrid TV platform globally powered by Tata Communications

“Looks at an annual market potential of USD 100 million”

Bangalore, 17th September 2015:  Exhibiting at the IBC 2015 earlier this week, Lukup Technologies showcased its hybrid services that deliver a combination of television, internet access, on-demand content, home automation and interactive services across televisions and a variety of connected devices in homes for customers of broadcast TV. These services are being offered to operators and broadcasters interested in adding OTT content delivery capabilities, offering bundled broadcast and data services, and IP based value added services.

Tata Communications enables customers to bundle content delivery with a broad range of IP network products and services, transit, MPLS, collocation and hosting. Lukup has partnered with Tata Communications to create solutions and deliver content for customers of hybrid TV services who have opted for hosted subscriber management, content management, service delivery and digital rights management systems from Lukup. Lukup’s hybrid TV service is based on a new hardware device called the Lukup Player that can tune into satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcasts as well as receive content and services over IP networks.

V S Shridhar, Sr. Vice President, Global Enterprise Services, Tata Communications, says, “We are in an era of fast-paced change with new disruptive technologies being introduced to the market on a regular basis. Collaborations with organisations such as Lukup are truly interesting as we look to creating and providing them with an innovative bundle of solutions – scalable and reliable global network coupled with state-of-the-art content delivery network and a global data centre footprint. Implicit to the services are feature benefits like seamless delivery, a flexible architecture and round-the-clock customer support – critical components that help our customers create new entertainment experiences to meet the evolving demands of their viewers.”

Elaborating on the partnership, Mr. Kallol Borah, CEO, Lukup Technologies says, “There is a large opportunity for broadcast TV providers to increase their average revenues per user by enabling bundling of internet access, on demand content and a variety of interactive services with TV and delivering these on multiple screens instead of a single TV screen. We are providing a complete, end-to-end solution comprising not just the Lukup Player, which is a hybrid set top box and a home gateway but also the back end business and operations support systems. Our partnership with Tata Communications will further quicken the time to market of our customers by including network solutions, content delivery and data center services as part of the deal.”

The Lukup Player features new middleware and applications that are designed for multiple screens and connected devices. Gaming, streaming music, home security, interactive advertising and cloud media storage are some of the applications that will be showcased at IBC. The hosted back-end support systems are designed to also support network PVR, time shifting and catch-up TV, adaptive bit streaming, just-in-time packaging and encryption of content, and custom application stores to deliver newer applications to subscribers. 

About Lukup Technologies

Lukup Technologies is a technology provider and original equipment manufacturer based in India.

Set up in 2012, Lukup Technologies designs and manufactures OTT Media players, Hybrid DVB- IP set top boxes, home gateway products, and provides business and operations support systems and network integration services to TV and Broadband service providers.

The company has offices in India and its associate company, Lukup Media, operates India’s first converged TV and Internet access platform.

For press/media inquiries: [email protected]

Further information available at: www.lukup.com

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