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M2M to Generate $35bn in Service Revenues by 2016, Driven by Automotive Telematics and CE

by david.nunes

M2M to Generate $35bn in Service Revenues by 2016, Driven by Automotive Telematics and Consumer Electronics

Automotive applications to account for over 40% of M2M service revenues in 2016

Hampshire, UK 17th May 2011:  M2M (Machine to Machine) connections will be the catalyst for over $35 billion of service revenues across a diverse range of industry sectors by the end of 2016, finds a new report by Juniper Research.

Sectors identified by the report as having particular potential included: Consumer and commercial telematics; smart metering; Point of sale; Retail; Banking; Mobile health monitoring; Smart buildings and security.

“Industries are at different stages of development when it comes to M2M,” says Anthony Cox of Juniper Research. “Commercial automotive telematics are driven by the requirement for fuel efficiency which engine management systems can deliver,” says Cox, noting that in-car entertainment systems and infotainment will support telematics growth in the consumer vehicle market.

Other areas, such as remote monitoring in the healthcare sector, will take longer to develop but also hold significant promise in the long term, finds the report. 

Further findings from the M2M & Embedded Strategies researchinclude:   

·         Partnerships:Companies which act as M2M enablers have developed important partnerships with carriers to facilitate the development of embedded connectivity.

·         Regulations: Regulatory initiatives will remain an important fillip for the M2M market, such as European Directives on smart metering and Europe’s eCall vehicle safety initiative.

·         Regional Opportunities: POS (Point of Sale), retail and banking represents an increasing opportunity, particularly in developing markets in Latin America, owing to the lack of fixed-line infrastructure.

·         Smart Metering:While still demonstrating high device numbers, has slowed following class action law suits in the US and other developments.

The report includes a comprehensive analysis of the current state of play in the Embedded Mobile and M2M market and contains five year forecasts for M2M device numbers, service revenues, connectivity enablement revenues and data traffic values.

M2M Whitepaper and M2M Video Whitepaper and further details of the studyM2M & Embedded Strategies: Telematics, CE, mHealth, Metering & Smart Buildings 2011-2016’ can be downloaded from www.juniperresearch.com.

Juniper Research provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, providing consultancy, analyst reports and industry commentary.

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Juniper Research

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