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Major Standards Organisations Begin Work on 40Gb/s Twisted-Pair Cabling Specifications

by david.nunes

Major Standards Organisations Begin Work on 40Gb/s Twisted-Pair Cabling Specifications

Siemon’s Valerie Maguire reports that both ISO/IEC and TIA have formally initiated projects to develop performance standards for balanced twisted-pair copper cabling capable of supporting 40 Gb/s transmission.


Recent new project approvals in both the ISO/IEC and TIA structured cabling groups have set the stage to allow interest in the specification of 40 Gb/s transmission-ready twisted-pair cabling requirements to quickly gain momentum.  The early volume of expert contributions related to these projects indicates strong industry commitment and investment in copper-based Ethernet for future higher-speed applications and underscores the technical and commercial viability of these solutions.


At the October, 2011 ISO/IEC 11801 meeting in Melbourne, Australia, the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 3 Working Group initiated a new work item proposal (NWIP) to develop requirements for balanced twisted-pair cabling that can support 40 Gb/s data transmission.


Similarly, after initiating a new cabling project to address the need to support greater-than 10 Gb/s transmission in February 2011, the TIA TR-42.7 copper cabling subcommittee formally adopted baseline objectives for next generation cabling performance in October 2011.  These parameters are anticipated to be published in addendum 1 to ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 in 2014.


While both the ISO/IEC and TIA initiatives focus on developing a new class or category of copper cabling to support 40 Gb/s transmission, it is interesting to note that ISO/IEC also plans to develop guidelines describing the 40 Gb/s capacity exhibited by existing classes of cabling.


Siemon’s Valerie Maguire, a contributor to both the ISO/IEC and TIA groups, has issued brief overviews of the new standards activities, available on Siemon’s network infrastructure blog:


•   ISO/IEC initiates 40 Gb/s copper cabling project



•   TIA adopts next generation cabling baseline objectives: http://turt.co/tsc0650x

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