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Managing Overall Operational Risk is the Key to Improving Safety and Asset Integrity says Petrotechnics at Leading Gas Processors Event

by david.nunes

Managing Overall Operational Risk is the Key to Improving Safety and Asset Integrity says Petrotechnics at Leading Gas Processors Event

Aberdeen, 18 November 2013 – Organizations in Hazardous and Process Industries are continuously seeking more efficient ways of managing their Asset Integrity to ensure the sustainability of their processing plants and equipment. Failure to effectively and proactively address these can have an escalating effect on the reputation of the company, increased operational and safety risks to assets, personnel and the environment. Compliance, regulations and production efficiency pressures only serve to add to these challenges and can have significant impact on their bottom line.

Having recognised these complexities across the industry and its appetite for more efficient ways of managing Asset Integrity, Petrotechnics is delivering a keynote presentation for Gas Processors Association Europe (GPA) in London on 21 November 2013.

The event theme, ‘Safety and Asset Integrity’ and Petrotechnics’ track record of delivering related Operational Risk Solutions over the last 12 years are an ideal fit. The presentation will highlight the importance of linking asset integrity risk (barrier impairments) with the current workload risk to achieve a holistic understanding of overall operational risk.

We will highlight how Process Safety professionals can use new technology to systematize how operational risk is dynamically captured, visualized and managed across plants. Traditionally, frontline operational risk is managed in silos with PSM focused personnel or engineering functions managing asset integrity risk and operations managing the risk associated with the intervention work occurring on the plant. Additionally, organizations often struggle to consistently and reliably capture the most appropriate data required to provide them with accurate risk profiles of the status of the plant and the overall risk of all of the work scheduled and its impact on asset integrity risk.

By providing a technology based intelligent, holistic integration of these disciplines; Petrotechnics empowers organizations to optimize how they consistently manage workload against operational risk according to their policies. With a common and improved view of operational risk in technology can help organizations make better decisions and move strongly towards operational excellence and improve the overall plant health, integrity, safety and efficiency in order to get more work done safely.

David Bleackley, VP of Sales for Petrotechnics, who will be delivering the presentation stated: “Having spoken with some of our key customers within the industry, as well as the reaction we’ve had from presenting at OTC Brasil and HSE India, we know the industry is facing one of its biggest challenges to improve their Process Safety and Asset Integrity efficiencies. Working with GPA Europe is a great opportunity to explore how process industries deepen its understanding of the holistic risk, and deploy better, easier tools to enable the whole workforce to proactively manage workload against risk. Technology is an enabler and thus provides the basis towards operational excellence and sustainability.”

For more info: www.petrotechnics.com

For more info about the event, visit: https://www.gpaeurope.com/event-details.aspx?event=17

About Petrotechnics

Petrotechnics was founded with a vision to keep more people safe in hazardous industries. Our award winning solutions have been helping customers transform their frontline operations for over the past 15 years.

Petrotechnics as an organization knows first-hand the challenges your organization faces. We have been helping companies improve their production efficiency and lower operational risk for almost 15 years. Our software systems have served as the cornerstone for more than 22 companies across 385 sites on 6 continents and more than 50,000 users to optimize how they manage workload against risk according to policy.

Our customers see tangible hard ROI in the form of fewer unplanned shutdowns, faster turnarounds, reduced maintenance backlog, reduction in permit & contractor wait time and of course improved management of operational risk. Our background, track record and passion about keeping people safe can help you be more successful whether it’s a single plant or a global implementation.

Petrotechnics is based in Aberdeen, UK and offices in Houston, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. www.petrotechnics.com

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