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Master Data Management enables Absa Capital to assess data compliance with Trillium Software

by david.nunes


Master Data Management enables Absa Capital to assess data compliance with Trillium Software

Trillium Software and Master Data Management create platform to assess data quality and metrics while ensuring data is compliant with business process requirements

15 September 2011

Absa Capital, the investment banking division of Absa Bank Ltd and affiliated to Barclays Capital, has selected Master Data Management to assist with the practical implementation of the data governance framework.

The Trillium Software System, which was selected for the Client Static project, will be used to assess the ongoing quality of data and ensure it remains compliant with key business process requirements.

Absa Capital offers investment banking and related services in South Africa and internationally. Data quality is recognised as a critical success factor for numerous strategic projects, as Absa Capital continues with its initiative to streamline operations and increase accuracy and consistency throughout the trading life cycle.

“As a bank that places our customers at the centre of what we do, Client Static data underpins everything. From identifying new opportunities, to credit risk management, to accurate regulatory reporting quality data is essential. We wanted a partner with both strong technology and solid local expertise. MDM and Trillium Software provided this,” says Absa Capital CIO, Ian Kriegler.

The data governance framework is expected to extend the successes from Client Static into other areas in the business, such as the trade store and credit risk. A data metrics and reconciliation framework, built using the Trillium Software System is planned to allow data owners and custodians to assess the compliance of data to business requirements. Data custodians can also quantify requirements (such as system enhancements or additional staff) that are necessary to meet agreed service levels cost effectively.

“If data governance is not pragmatic and measurable then it cannot add value,” says MDM’s Gary Allemann. “Our approach allows the business to quantify perceived data quality issues and focus remediation where it is actually required.”

About Master Data Management

Master Data Management provides specialist solutions for data governance, data quality, data integration and MDM. Leveraging the international expertise of Harte-Hanks Trillium Software, and the Trillium Software System, MDM has provided solutions for a range of clients in financial services, government, mining and telecommunications.

Editorial contacts:

Master Data Management

Gary Allemann

Senior Executive

Tel: 0836321591

Email: gary@masterdata.co.za


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