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Matrix strengthens its Video Surveillance Portfolio Launches IP based Surveillance Solution – SATATYA NVR400

by david.nunes

Matrix strengthens its Video Surveillance Portfolio

Launches IP based Surveillance Solution – SATATYA NVR400

Matrix Comsec, a leading manufacturer of enterprise security solutions introduces an IP based Surveillance Solution  – SATATYA NVR400. This strengthens its portfolio of Video Surveillance products which already have DVRs and cameras. Matrix is intending to promote the product in domestic and international market simultaneously, considering the growth that security market offers. With the launch of SATATYA NVR, the video surveillance portfolio of Matrix has become more stronger.

This technically advanced SATATYA NVR400 allows scalability from 4 to 16 video channels and recording flexibility from full HD to D1 for crystal clear images. It allows sequencing of cameras in different layout formats and facilitates simultaneous live view and playback on a single window to simplify monitoring needs. This NVR along with recording and monitoring identifies irregularities and sends prompt notifications with event details in the form of SMS and Email to prevent any major losses. To safeguard the data, it allows performing scheduled or manual backup on a network as well as on USB. The search is made efficient by Date, Time, Recording type, Event and Alarm based leading to hassle-free playback. It supports 3G connectivity for wireless remote management and monitoring. It also comes with Matrix DNS Server support which helps to save the cost of buying a static IP for remote viewing. It comes with the Centralized Management Software which fulfills the need of large enterprises to manage and monitor all the cameras connected to NVRs remotely and centrally.

“While Video Surveillance is moving into its second lap with enormous momentum, traditional analog users are getting more-and-more inclined towards availing benefits of IP for improved video quality. Matrix Comsec has introduced this new IP series in its Video Surveillance product portfolio to provide traditional users as well as new users a migration path towards the IP world. Additionally the license based scalability would help the enterprises gradually increase their surveillance infrastructure. The overall Matrix IP surveillance solution consists of SATATYA NVR400, centralized monitoring software (CMS), local NVR client and the mobile viewer. This solution offers various advantages like theft prevention, property protection, productivity improvement, discipline enhancement. With this offered reliability, performance and

industrial-grade features, the security, efficiency and productivity of the organization is bound to enhance multi-fold.” said Mr. Kaushal Kadakia -Product Owner : Video Surveillance Solution.



· Easily Scalable from 4 to 16 Video Channels with IP License

· Manage and Monitor Cameras from Multiple NVRs

· Real Time Recording in Full HD to D1

· Centralized Management Software (CMS), NVR Client and Mobile Viewer

· Camera-wise Backup Flexibility to NAS, FTP and External HDD

· Live View and Playback on Single Window

· Search by Date, Time, Recording Type, Event and Alarm

· 3G Connectivity, DynDNS and Matrix DNS Server

· SMS and Email Notification

For more information on this product, Visit :http://www.matrixsecusol.com/nvr.html


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