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MATRIXX Software brings Silicon Valley opportunities to BT’s tech cluster

by david.nunes

MATRIXX Software brings Silicon Valley opportunities to BT’s Innovation Martlesham tech cluster

Mountain View, CA, and Ipswich, UK, Mar 9, 2016 – MATRIXX Software today announces it has joined Innovation Martlesham, a cluster of high-tech firms based at the UK’s Adastral Park research and development facility.

Innovation Martlesham is a collaborative ecosystem of ICT companies focused on the development of next generation technologies and the sharing of innovative ideas and concepts. As MATRIXX experiences a growth phase, it joins Adastral Park from its own UK R&D facility in Ipswich, working alongside member companies such as BT, Cisco, Intel, Juniper, O2 and Sandvine.

MATRIXX provides a real-time Digital Commerce platform for creating and monetising content and services, as well as traditional telecom offerings. CSPs, such as Swisscom and Telstra, seeking to capitalise on new digital services opportunities from the next generation of consumers, choose to work with MATRIXX for its real-time, customer-centric platform that can accelerate their market entry. It offers rapid time-to-market for future service propositions that capture wallet-share and customer loyalty in a dynamic, fast-paced market.

Paul Graham, Director of UK Engineering, MATRIXX Software, said, “We’re entering a rapid growth phase at MATRIXX, during which we’re expanding our technology development base outside of Silicon Valley.”

“Our R&D facility in Ipswich enables us to capture IT software and telecom service development talent, and our extension to Martlesham offers us a greater cross-pollination of ideas. Also, Essex University, University Campus Suffolk and Cambridge University are located right on our doorstep.”

MATRIXX has won multiple awards and recognition including Gartner Cool Vendor, and Light Reading’s Leading Lights award for ‘Outstanding OSS/BSS Vendor.’

In you are interested in a career at MATRIXX Software, please visit http://www.matrixx.com/about-us/careers.

To learn more about MATRIXX Software, please visit www.matrixx.com.

About MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX Software is Powering the FutureTM for market-leading Digital Service Providers (DSPs) worldwide.

MATRIXX Software has developed a unique real-time Digital Commerce platform, an alternative to traditional business support systems (BSS), which enables telecom service providers to profit and innovate as they transition to digital.

Follow MATRIXX Software online:

Website: www.matrixx.com

Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/user17468378

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/586602

Twitter: www.twitter.com/matrixx_sw

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