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MatsSoft reaches out to sales partners following major expansion

by david.nunes

Monday 4th July 2011                                                               


MatsSoft reaches out to sales partners following major expansion




Workflow and communications software specialist MatsSoft is expanding its sales network to make the web-based MATS® solution accessible to a greater range of UK businesses.

The company is now in discussions with potential channel partners amid increasing interest in MatsSoft’s unique process tracking system, which delivers demonstrable improvements in internal efficiency and external customer relations.

Prospective resellers that have been canvassed so far have been impressed by the potential of the MATS® solution to provide a long-term revenue stream, particularly among those adopting a consultative sales approach.

MatsSoft has scaled up its sales and support team with the opening of a London office and the appointment of senior telecoms and technology professionals Alan Cohen and Michael van Noorden, who previously held senior roles with companies including Siemens, Alcatel Lucent, Inter-Tel and Philips BCS.

The MATS® solution was initially developed to serve banks and building societies, which are already using the system to improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of processes such as mortgage, loan and ISA applications, complaints handling and bereavement cases. However, MATS® is now being targeted across a broad range of business sectors where there is scope for improved process efficiency, including insurance, retail, finance, marketing, supply chain, HR and public sector.

One of the key benefits of MATS® is a sharp reduction in avoidable ‘chaser’ calls, which are frustrating for customers and expensive and time-consuming for companies. The system generates updates that are proactively sent via email, SMS or personalised web pages to alert customers when key stages of their particular case have been reached and provide a ‘call to action’ if the customer is required to submit more information or documents, for example.

This speeds up the process and improves customer relations – thereby encouraging loyalty and retention. It also reduces staff stress, cutting avoidable calls by up to 65% in some instances and allowing them to be deployed more effectively in other areas. In addition, it provides staff and managers with a real-time reporting of progress on almost any given business process.


Existing clients have reported up to 90% reductions in customer complaints and increases in processing efficiency of up to 30%.


Martin Scovell, MatsSoft CEO, said: “Over the past three years MatsSoft has grown to be a successful and profitable business with international blue-chip clients. We are now taking that growth to the next level so that our resellers and partners can take full advantage of our great potential to deliver proven and innovative solutions in workflow, management information delivery and customer communications.” 


·       www.matssoft.co.uk recently announced a £2.65m investment package from global venture capital firm Beringea.

·       MatsSoft’s branded MATS® automated workflow and communications software is a managed service that can be quickly and easily set up to drive immediate and measurable efficiency gains, cost reductions and service improvements.

·       Within days of installation, MATS® customers have reported calls down 65%, capacity up 30%, complaints down 90%

·       MATS® hosted solutions are now being used for processes such as mortgage and loan applications, insurance claims, bereavements, savings accounts, voting systems case management, customer service, logistics, remote customer/patient management, complaints handling, supply chain management and resource management.

·       MATS® is currently used by many of the key firms in sectors including banking and insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, logistics, manufacturing, public utilities and government. MATS® is also used as a bulk communication medium to customers and third parties, via text messaging and email campaigns. 

·       MATS® unique web-based, user configurable solution is used in any situation where there is a customer, a supplier and a product or service process with more than one stage, freeing up the time staff previously spent on the ‘phone by keeping customers proactively informed via SMS, email and auto-updated personal web pages.

·       Amongst the many benefits are (survey-proven) improved customer service and reduced cost.  

·       MATS® provides valuable real time management information on workflow and business process management that is used to further refine and improve cost control and service levels.

·       For more information visit MatsSoft’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/MatsSoftUK

·       Alternatively, visit www.matssoft.co.uk , call 01234 321555 or email info@matssoft.co.uk




















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