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Mavenir opens User Experience Centre for Mobile Network Real Time Communications in Europe

by david.nunes

Mavenir opens User Experience Centre for Mobile Network Real Time Communications in Europe

-Supporting advanced offerings such as WebRTC and Mobile VoIP –

RICHARDSON, Texas and ZAGREB, Croatia, April 18, 2013 – Mavenir Systems, a leading provider of software-based networking solutions, today announced its User Experience Centre in Zagreb, Croatia.

Mavenir has brought together a team of creative and skilled designers with substantial experience  developing mobile services on device platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry, providing the insight needed to ensure the practicality, ease of use and efficiency of compelling new IP services.

“User experience is a key success factor in launching Rich Communications, Video, and VoIP services, and will become critical as mobile operators expand their services beyond smartphones to include any device connected via any IP network, such as tablets, Smart TVs and web browsers,” said Pardeep Kohli, Mavenir’s President and CEO.  “This Centre allows Mavenir to more readily demonstrate, and quickly bring to market, new advanced offerings for VoWi-Fi, VoLTE and Rich Communication Services (RCS).”

In particular, Mavenir’s User Experience Centre will focus on WebRTC as a potentially disruptive technology within the device ecosystem, which will affect how operators enable new services, removing the dependency on the ‘app store’ or device. WebRTC allows any web browser to handle real-time multimedia communications natively, such as voice and video calling, interactive multimedia messaging and other telephony-based applications without the need for a third-party plugin or a downloadable app. It provides an instant, interoperable peer-to-peer real-time communications framework, which can be leveraged to deliver an improved user experience.

Mavenir is already showcasing WebRTC-enabled browser-based voice and video applications to customers using Mavenir’s WebRTC Gateway, enabling secure access to the IMS core network and the successful service interworking with IMS-enabled devices. The focus of the showcase is to demonstrate the natural extension of the LTE subscriber’s device ecosystem to the web, as well as the ease of use of the operator’s IMS services.

Kohli added:  “For mobile operators, WebRTC levels the playing field with OTT service providers. This revolutionary new technology allows service enablement with little or no client development effort and removes the dependency that operators have on the device ecosystem. With support for open APIs to easily interwork with web apps, as well as focus on the end user, mobile operators can match OTT service providers in terms of time-to-market and user experience.”

The User Experience Centre in Croatia complements the IMS network expertise of Mavenir’s VoLTE/RCS Innovation Centre in Cologne, Germany, with valuable perspective on end-to-end service enablement and end-user experience.

About Mavenir:
Mavenir is a leading provider of next-generation software-based communications solutions that enable mobile service providers to deliver high-quality internet protocol (IP)-based voice, video, rich communication and enhanced messaging services to their subscribers globally. Mavenir’s mOne® software platform has enabled leading mobile service providers to introduce the industry’s first live network deployments of Voice-Over-LTE (VoLTE), Rich Communication Services 5.0 (RCS) and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi).  Our solutions deliver these next-generation services over existing 2G and 3G networks and 4G LTE networks.

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