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Mcor IRIS becomes first 3D printer to embrace international colour standard for unprecedented 3D printing colour accuracy

by david.nunes

Mcor IRIS becomes first 3D printer to embrace international colour standard for unprecedented 3D printing colour accuracy

– Mcor also unveils one-click auto file-fixing

DUNLEER, Ireland, June 10, 2014 – It’s not enough for a 3D printer’s colours to be big, bold, plentiful and realistic (an extremely rare combination): they must also be accurate.

That’s why Mcor Technologies today announced that the Mcor IRIS, already the world’s most colour-capable 3D printer, became the first 3D printer to include an International Color Consortium (ICC) profile. The profile ensures that the 3D printer will precisely produce industry-standard colours as presented in a photographer’s, engineer’s or designer’s photograph, CAD model, scan or illustration. Without the ICC profile, 3D printers translate incoming colours to machine-specific ones, introducing unintended changes in the 3D printed colour along the way.

“Ask any creative or marketing professional: accurate colour matters,” said Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies Ltd. “That’s why standards exist, and why we are the first 3D printer manufacturer to embrace them. A gram is a gram and a meter is a meter anywhere on the planet because of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. Likewise, a company’s logo will be the same colour on the computer screen as on a model 3D printed by the Mcor IRIS because of our ICC profile. The result is a truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) experience.”

The ICC is an international organisation for colour management, and the Mcor ICC profile is calibrated to device-independent Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage, International Commission on Illumination, (CIE) colours.  The CIE is a standardised, globally recognised reference for display, input and output devices. 

“Any printer without a standard-based colour profile is likely to produce ‘off colours,'” MacCormack said. “Printing without it is like painting your living room without a swatch from the manufacturer. We’re the only 3D printer manufacturer that has one.”

The ICC colour profile is embedded within the company’s latest version of its SliceIT driver software.

One-click file fixing has arrived
Mcor also announced an enhanced user experience that for the first time makes design files ready to print as they’re received. The new automated file-fixing software, included with every Mcor 3D printer, removes unseen geometries that can complicate 3D printing of sophisticated models. “This solves a problem that has dogged the CAD industry for years,” said MacCormack. “It has helped us achieve our goal of a one-click solution that makes any STL file geometrically printable.”

These and other new capabilities unveiled today follow Mcor’s recent announcement of a 2X print speed enhancement on its Matrix 300+ and IRIS 3D printers.  

About Mcor Technologies Ltd
Mcor Technologies Ltd, winner of the 3D Printshow Brand of the Year Award, is an innovative manufacturer of the world’s most affordable, full-colour and eco-friendly 3D printers. They are the only 3D printers to use ordinary business A4 and letter paper as the build material, a choice that renders durable, stable and tactile models. Established in 2004 with a talented team of specialists in the area of 3D printing, software and CAD/CAM, Mcor’s vision is to make 3D printing more accessible to everyone. The company operates internationally from offices in Ireland, the UK and the US.  www.mcortechnologies.com.


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