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MDS Lavastorm Analytics Launches SaaS Business Reporting Solution for Mobile Virtual Network Operators

by david.nunes

MDS Lavastorm Analytics Launches SaaS Business Reporting Solution for Mobile Virtual Network Operators


On-demand Business Reporting Packages Allow Mobile Service Providers to Derive Rapid and Easy Value from their Prepaid Service Data


Boston, Massachusetts and Warrington, United Kingdom – November 2, 2011 – MDS Lavastorm Analytics, a global business performance analytics company, today launched its MVNO Prepaid Reporting solution, a new ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS)-based offering that delivers rapid, powerful business intelligence to mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and avoids the need for investment  in expensive hardware and internal resources.


MVNOs operate in a complex, highly dynamic market that requires quick, data-driven decision making to keep pace with competitors. Business intelligence is at the heart of making accurate, timely decisions faced by MVNOs on a daily basis, such as price plan profitability, accurate forecasting and accrual of wholesale costs, fraud, churn, and marketing effectiveness.


Provided as a managed service, MVNO Prepaid Reporting audits data delivery and provides reporting through secure, role-based web portal access. MVNO Prepaid Reporting rapidly delivers personalised reports that address the five key business processes of finance, customer interaction, risks, costs, and regulatory audits and controls. MVNOs may choose from three different tiers of service, with each higher level of service providing a more comprehensive, granular and detailed set of reports to suit MVNO business requirements:


·         Essentials MVNO Reporting Package: This entry-level package provides operators with a foundational set of pre-configured analytic reports, such as Monthly Profitability, Supplier Pricing Invoice Accuracy, Daily Usage Consumption by Bundle, Daily and Monthly Usage Types, Accrual Accuracy, Daily Profitability, and Call File Discrepancy Alerts.


·         Enhanced MVNO Reporting Package: In addition to providing all of the reports from the Essentials Package, this package also includes more sophisticated reports, such as Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Average Profit Per User (APPU), Churn Analytics, standard fraud analytics such as Box Breaking, and Supplier Completeness Invoice Accuracy.


·         Advanced MVNO Reporting Package: In addition to providing all the reports in the Essentials and Enhanced Packages, this top-level package delivers even more detailed reports, including Customer Service Analytics, Inactive Customer Credit Write Back, Fair Use Policy Abuse, Top-up Analytics and Alerts, Up-sell and Cross-sell Analytics, and Value-added Service or Bolt-on Subscriber Package Analytics.


Service Providers also have the option to request tailored reports to address the exact needs of their business.


“The reality for mobile service providers today is that accurate, daily insights on key business processes mean the difference between making a profit and taking a loss,” said Drew Rockwell, CEO, MDS Lavastorm Analytics. “With our MVNO Prepaid Reporting solution, we’re providing the power of complex and persistent analytics in simple business reports, enabling Service Providers to avoid the waiting time, complexity and overhead of internal analytics programs and systems. Operators can now simply get the answers and insights they need on-demand, and use them to continue improving their customers’ experience and their bottom line.”


MVNO Prepaid Reporting uses an innovative, assured delivery approach that allows for rapid configuration and analytic modeling, resulting in minimal disruption for the MVNO and producing significant economic value.


MDS Lavastorm Analytics’ MVNO Prepaid Reporting solution is run on the Lavastorm Analytics Platform, which offers a visual, discovery-driven environment for the rapid development of analytic business workflows, and can produce results up to 90 percent faster than traditional analytic tools and methods.


For more information on the MVNO Prepaid Reporting solution, MDS Lavastorm Analytics or the company’s other products, visit www.lavastorm.com.


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About MDS Lavastorm Analytics

MDS Lavastorm Analytics is a global business performance analytics company that enables companies to analyse, optimise, and control the performance of their business processes. Using adaptive, discovery-driven tools and methodologies, the Lavastorm Business Performance Analytics Suite reaches across siloed data sets to analyse processes, find defects, and build controls to ensure that complex financial, operational, and customer experience processes run in an optimised way. The visual, step-by-step interface allows for rapid, codeless analytic design at a granular level, increasing business decision makers’ self-sufficiency and confidence, and rapidly delivering business value. Lavastorm Analytics’ solutions are used by more than 50 companies on six continents and are applicable in almost any industry, including telecommunications, financial services, utilities, healthcare, and media.


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