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Media introduction to Vertica Systems, a new category in data analytics

by david.nunes

Media introduction to Vertica Systems, a new category in data analytics



7 January 2011

Vertica Systems provides a next-generation analytics platform designed from the ground up to help companies of all sizes monetise their business data in real time and at a much larger scale than ever before. With data warehouses and data marts ranging from hundreds of gigabytes to multi-petabytes, Vertica’s 328 customers are redefining the speed of business and enhancing their competitive advantage with the Vertica Analytics Platform


Running on industry standard hardware, virtual machines, or in the cloud, Vertica’s revolutionary columnar database architecture delivers 50-1,000x faster performance, at a much lower total cost of ownership than traditional solutions. Easy to use and fast to deploy, the Vertica Analytics Platform allows all types of users in an organisation (not just DBAs) to get up and running quickly and immediately start making sense of mission-critical data.


Vertica is used by 328 customers (and growing!) in production environments worldwide, including Verizon, AOL, Twitter, Guess!, Zynga, Playdom, Bank of America, BlueCross BlueShield, AdMeld, Sunoco, Mozilla and Comcast. The common factor with all of Vertica’s customers is that the Vertica Analytics Platform has become an integral part of their business intelligence infrastructure.


Scott Howser, VP of Product Marketing, will be at the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2011 to introduce Vertica and the new category of ‘extreme analytics’. He is keen to discuss the following areas:


·        the need for immediate data analysis in today’s business climate to maximize revenue, reduce costs, and elevate customer satisfaction

·        competitive positioning versus traditional DBMS vendors such as Oracle, IBM/Netezza, Teradata and, more recently, EMC/Greenplum, and why Vertica wins

·       why Vertica’s open platform approach and unique architecture outperforms on speed, scalability, concurrency, simplicity, footprint, energy efficiency, and cost


Scott will also be able to share some phenomenal statistics from the finance, telco, gaming and social networking industries on the real need for speed in today’s business environment.


The summit is taking place Monday 31 January – Tuesday 1 February. Please contact Thea Parnell tparnell@clever-touch.com / 07872 464469 to arrange a briefing.



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