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by david.nunes

The Connect-World series of magazines, was conceived as a forum where the highest level decision makers in the telecommunications and information technology sectors could air their views regarding the impact of these technologies upon the lives of those dwelling in the developing regions of the world.

Connect-World‘s editions (Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, Europe, Global, India, Latin America, North America) discuss in clear, non-technical, English how telecommunications and IT can help shape regional development.

Connect-World‘s writers – and its readers – are leaders of industry, governments, international organizations, legal experts, bankers and the like. They share a common concern for the welfare of the inhabitants of the world’s developing regions. Connect-World challenges them to think beyond the usual solutions, to propose new ways to push development, and to question the status quo.

To view the planned content and circulation information for each issue, simply click on the appropriate link.

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Africa and the Middle East media pack >>
Asia-Pacific media pack >>
EMEA media pack >>
Europe media pack >>
India media pack >>
Latin America media pack >>
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We are dedicated to tailoring your campaign to best suit your target audience. Offering you the best possible pages in issues that most appeal to your target market at suitable prices to meet all types of budgets.

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Connect-World Online provides you with information about the facts,opinions,views and ideas on ICT driven development in worldwide and the CIS by those who make it happen.With an average of 500,000 – 700,000 visiting this site each month, our website is becoming increasingly hard to ignore and could open up more opportunities for you and your business. Connect-World invites you to take advantage of this opportunity by offering you either a Web Link or Banner Ad on our website.

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What can Connect-World offer you?
1. An international and regional magazine, which is both topical and informative, as well as a website that is widely read and visited throughout the world.

2. An audience so well known and established that you can tailor exactly the right approach.

3. Several different promotional mediums to achieve maximum exposure for your product or service.

4. Integrated marketing solutions.

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6. Advertising. Within the Advertising Department, we are dedicated to tailoring your campaign to best suit your target audience.Offering you the best possible pages in issues that most appeal to your target market at suitable prices to meet all types of budgets.

7. Premium Positions. Position of advertising can be important, here are just a few of the premium positions available in Connect-World:

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III. Outside back cover

Facts and figures

1. Connect-World publishes editions for each of the main developing regions of the world: Africa and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Global, India, Latin America and North America.

2. Connect-World publishes yearly for each region.

3. Connect-World also publishes special issues to commemorate special events, shows, and exhibitions.

4. Connect-World will publish a special issue for second phase of the World Summit on Information Society in Tunisia in November later this year.

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