PMR Summit, Professional Mobile Radio 2011

Sep 19-21, 2011 | Barcelona, Spain

Meet Testing Technologies at the PMR Summit and learn about the efficient certification environment for the development and execution of automated tests that enables TETRA to implement various certification schemes like pre-certification tests, self-certification, or test lab based certification schemes.

Testing Technologies will be available to answer all questions on test automation at booth #20, co-exhibiting with P3.

The PMR Summit introduces an event outlining the evolving communications solutions for business and mission-critical users. Learn and network with key players involved in the development, distribution and usage of Professional Mobile Radio solutions from around the globe. The PMR Summit is designed specifically for representatives from commercial enterprises, emergency response organisations, defence and civil contingency agencies, national and dedicated operators, government agencies, developers and manufacturers. The conference addresses questions and needs of Professional Mobile Radio users with specific focus on technologies including TETRA, DMR and dPMR, as well as mobile broadband solutions. Read more at

Testing Technologies designs and markets a variety of ready-to-run test solutions for commercial, proprietary, and PC based test systems, helping you to create high-quality products through high-quality testing. Our test solutions enable test automation across technologies, development phases and any types of testing. With a wide range of services, Testing Technologies’ experts support you in all phases of your test life-cycle. As a market leader in customer-oriented testing for standards-based technologies, we are dedicated to TTCN-3 alone. Together with ETSI, Testing Technologies guarantees durability and continuous improvement of standardized test solutions to secure your investments. Numerous partner companies across Europe, the USA and Asia spread the ideas and basic principles of systematic, automated testing worldwide. Read more at