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MeetingZone Takes Off for easyJet

by david.nunes

MeetingZone Takes Off for easyJet

Thame, Oxon, UK: 18 September, 2012 – easyJet Europe’s leading airline operating over 600 routes across 30 countries with a fleet of over 200 aircraft has chosen MeetingZone as its preferred conferencing and collaboration service provider.

With an HQ in Luton and 23 bases across Europe, including easyJet’s busiest and largest base located at London Gatwick, conference calls are critical business communications tools. The calls are used across the easyJet organisation by any team or department which needs to bring together remotely located people. The ability to bring together the right people at the right time speeds up easyJet’s ability to make strategic and operational decisions.

“I often hold adhoc audio conference calls with MeetingZone’s integrated Cisco WebEx web conferencing solution which allows me to share documents, applications and my desktop. I really like to use web conferencing when I need to explain or describe something that is complex,” explained Chris Foster, easyJet’s Flight Operations Manager – Fleet. “As the saying goes ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and working through a spreadsheet or a chart is many times clearer to the audience if they can see exactly what you are talking about.”

“Sometimes participants to my meetings just need tuition on a programme or application and then I use MeetingZone’s Glance. It’s an instant, one click secure screen sharing tool. Glance is a perfect example of seamless communication to a remote workforce either collectively or on a one-to-one basis,” continued Foster. “MeetingZone’s biggest benefit to me is that I can set up an integrated audio and web conferencing session in seconds using the solution that best meets the requirement of my meeting.”

An example of how MeetingZone’s audio and web conferencing service is used by easyJet to aid communication across the business is easyJet’s daily morning Operations Meetings. The most important being the Executive Ops Meeting (EOM) which, hosted by easyJet’s Head of Operations, enables the airline to ensure that it keeps its industry leading on time performance. During the call participants review the previous day’s operations and the morning’s first wave of flight departures from a punctuality perspective. Reporting on first wave departures is crucial as it drives the day’s figures for on time performance. Passenger service, technical and engineering issues and the general outlook for the day are also discussed.

“Historically, a number of different conferencing services were being used throughout easyJet and it was difficult to monitor usage and to control costs, so a decision was taken to standardise conferencing with one provider,” explained Marco Mallia, easyJet’s Network Team Leader. “MeetingZone’s solution, which was already being used by the IT Department, was chosen because of its flexible pricing structure, its ease of use and the extremely high levels of service which had been experienced.”

As well as enhancing internal and external business communication for easyJet, audio and web conferencing also fits within the airline’s environmental policy which aims to be environmentally friendly in the air and on the ground. Conferencing and collaboration helps easyJet to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the need for its employees to travel to and from each and every meeting.

“Our successful deployment of MeetingZone’s conferencing and collaboration solution is really down to one thing, it just works!” said Mallia.

About easyJet

easyJet operates Europe’s No. 1 air transport network with a leading presence on Europe’s top 100 routes and at Europe’s 50 largest airports. easyJet flies on more than 600 routes between 130 airports in 30 countries. More than 300 million Europeans live within one hour’s drive of an easyJet airport, more than any other airline. The airline takes sustainability seriously. easyJet invests in the latest technology, operates efficiently and fills most of its seats which means that an easyJet passenger’s carbon footprint is 22% less than a passenger on a traditional airline, flying the same aircraft on the same route.

For more information: http://www.easyjet.com/

About MeetingZone

MeetingZone, an independent conferencing and collaboration service provider, delivers easy to use, cost effective, high performance, personalised integrated audio and web conferencing services to global organisations of all sizes, across all business sectors. MeetingZone’s solutions improve internal and external business communications by quickly and easily bringing together remotely located people into the same conference call. MeetingZone’s HQ is located at Thame, Oxford, UK and has operations in Europe and North America.

For more information: http://www.meetingzone.com/

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