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Megaport Launches Megaport.ORG to Support and Advance Internet Communities, Standards and Infrastructure

by david.nunes

Megaport Launches Megaport.ORG to Support and Advance Internet Communities, Standards and Infrastructure

BRISBANE, Australia and SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 22, 2016Megaport, a global leader in SDN-based elastic interconnection, today announced the launch of Megaport.org, an industry and community program that supports the advancement of Internet infrastructure and standards through investment in people and communities.

Megaport.org sponsors key industry organizations that bring together people, technology, and business and those that promote neutrality and independence. Examples of recent sponsorships include Global Peering Forum, Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association, Euro-IX, and APRICOT. Future sponsorships will include network operator forums and organizations that invest in Internet development in underserved areas.

Megaport.org has established an advisory council comprised of top, forward-thinking members of the Internet industry. The council will advise Megaport on direction and initiatives to support the Megaport.org mission of fostering community and supporting growth of Internet infrastructure.

Denver Maddux, Chief Executive Officer, Megaport said: “Megaport.org is all about giving back to the communities that made the Internet possible. We’re excited to support organizations and initiatives that foster opportunities for people to learn and grow their capabilities. At the same time, we believe in making investments in the growth of Internet infrastructure in places where that is lacking. All of this improves the foundation of the Internet. Without operator and development communities there would be little service innovation, fewer job opportunities, and, quite frankly, there would be no open Internet as we know it today.”

Christian Koch, Director of Global Interconnection Strategy, Megaport said: “Independent, neutral infrastructure is important to the growth and sustainability of the Internet. Our entire model is based on this concept. We’re happy to be in a position where we can support initiatives that further neutrality.”

Megaport operates in 54 data centres across thirteen markets in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and United States and is currently expanding its presence into additional data centres in North America and Europe in key markets including Toronto, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, and Stockholm.

To learn more about Megaport.org and how you can make an impact on Internet development, visit http://megaport.org.

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About Megaport

Megaport is a global leader and pioneer in elastic interconnection. Established in 2013 and founded by Bevan Slattery, Megaport built the world’s first SDN-based neutral elastic fabric changing the way enterprises, networks, and services interconnect. The high demand for interconnects and the need to change the way bandwidth acquisition has pushed Megaport into new markets globally with full integration into the U.S. market expected by the end of 2015. Megaport has been built by a highly experienced team with extensive knowledge in building large scale global carrier networks. To learn more about Megaport, please visit: www.megaport.com.


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