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Memset joins the Cloud Industry Forum

by david.nunes

10th August 2011


Memset joins the Cloud Industry Forum


-UK-based IT hosting company becomes the latest organisation to join CIF and to support its Code of Practice-


Memset today announced it has formally joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), an industry body established to promote trust, security and transparency within the sector.


Memset is an award-winning IT hosting company providing managed hosting and cloud computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions for businesses.


Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of Memset commented: “Cloud computing presents end users with the opportunity to do more with less, however there is still work to be done in driving trust in cloud based services. We fully support CIF’s messaging, which is to assist business users in identifying and investing in secure, reliable services, and our company values go hand-in-hand with this aim. CIF educates the end user on how to identify the most suitable and cost-effective services for them and we in turn endeavour to provide our customers with low-cost, high-quality services. We pioneered virtual machine technology in the UK, launching our Miniserver VM® virtual servers in 2002, and have continued to develop it since. This month we are also launching our cloud storage product, Memstore™, completing our cloud portfolio, so we believe the time is right to commit to support the good work of CIF.”


Andy Burton, chairman of the Cloud Industry Forum commented: “Memset is one of Britain’s leading suppliers of dedicated physical and virtual servers so we are delighted to have yet another focused service provider on board. Memset promotes three key qualities that we encourage vendors to provide to their customers; transparency, support and high quality services at a low cost, which coincides with our Code of Practice’s three guidelines; accountability, transparency and capability. We have every confidence that this will be a successful relationship for both parties and we look forward to working with Kate and her team as we pursue our ambition of bringing business consumers and suppliers of Cloud and Hosted Services closer together in a trusted, sustainable and rewarding ecosystem.”




About Memset
Memset is an award-winning IT hosting company based in Guildford, Surrey. We provide managed hosting and cloud computing solutions for businesses (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). Our services range from individual Miniserver VM® virtual servers to enterprise-class dedicated server clusters with multi-site fail-over, all without long-term contracts or up-front costs. Our customers range from small start-ups to large corporates (eg. Debenhams, Hilton Hotels and Hanson), and are spread across all industry sectors. A large segment of our customers are IT companies using us as their infrastructure platform for providing web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Recently awarded an ISPA award for ‘Best Managed Service’, Memset has also been voted as the UK’s Best Web Host for five consecutive years at the PC Pro Awards.

For more information on Memset, please visit: http://www.memset.com


About the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF)
The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) was established in direct response to the evolving supply models for the delivery of software and IT services that has expanded well beyond the traditional on-premise method to one that now embraces hosted and/or, pay-as-you-use Cloud solutions.

CIF’s purpose is twofold: To drive a common and public level of transparency about the capability, substance and best practices of online Service Providers (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Web hosting providers etc) through a process of self-certification to a Code of Practice.  Second, this Code of Practice, and the use of the related Certification Mark on participant’s web sites, provides comfort and promotes trust to businesses and individuals wishing to leverage the commercial, financial and agile operations capabilities that the Cloud based and hosted solutions can offer.  CIF is ensuring the integrity and governance of the self-certification process through regular random audits as well as investigating complaints from parties that challenge any specific participants self-certification status.

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